Two Awesome Steemians Parenting Techniques

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I recently got to house sit in Bangkok for @eoj and @suitcasemama and @suitcasetoddler and @suitcasebaby.

@suitcasetoddler may be the most intelligent, well-behaved, fun, cute kid I’ve ever seen in my life.

What I’m trying to say is, if you guys need parenting advice… @eoj and @suitcasemama are the steemians you need to connect with.

They’re parenting geniuses.

They’re also super humble and will act like that’s not true…

…but we all know it is.

Mainly because i just told everyone.

Cat’s out of the bag.

What I thought was interesting was they had books about parenting styles in different countries on their bookshelves.

There was one about how people parent/schooling systems in Denmark.

There was another one from…another country that I forgot.

They take the best parenting technique of each culture, and then combine it all to make some major epic super-parenting happen.

I can’t thank them enough for how welcoming they were!

They were on my list of top 10 steemians I wanted to meet in person, so I was SUPER excited that it finally got to happen.

They are super busy and aren’t able to be as active on steemit as they were before, but they’re still great amazing people to get to know if you can.

@eoj also has an interesting page called @starhere where he posts about his crypto experiment.

He bought $1000 worth of crypto at the beginning of 2018. He put $100 into the the top 10 cryptos and has been tracking it for over a year, then posting about it.

I can’t wait to see what will happen to that a year or two from now!

Anyway, check out some of their pages or follow them for updates whenever those happen to be.

Because they’re really cool, that’s why.


Wow, a different kind of parenting. That is so cool

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I want to see the whole list!!

So i am still waiting fof the day i will become a parent