The sacred paladin that falls in the dark

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 I started my journey as a child, watching the angels guide me on a different path

I  thought that everything they did for me was to protect me, in part they  did it, they protected me from my own destruction, from my pain, I was  only as a child and that's how I met the angels.

He  was trained to defend me from any danger that threatened me so to  speak, at age 15 I realized the reality of humanity, some priests  adopted me and noticing my high power of magic they took advantage of  that.

I  became a simple gentleman at 18, I had a great strength and my desire  for justice was unlimited, I realized that the angels did not look very  happy and tried to get me out of that way in which the priests had put  me.

The angels, however, stayed by my side taking care and watching over my safety, I had never seen them so worried before.

I  turned 22 already and I'm in the midst of an endless war, religion is  attacking non-stop those who do not accept the celestial world, I have  become a powerful sacred knight, fighting against hordes of demons  without stopping, I only see more and more blood because? ...

I notice that the enemies are people like me possessed by demons ... "Stop !!!" I  shout to my soldiers to see if I can help one of the fallen enemies, I  try to purify his soul but it is useless, a simple 10 year old boy in a  war, how is this possible?

The  boy explodes in my arms, through that helmet I can feel a tear fall on  my armor and the blood of that child victim of hatred, but what is  wrong? ... They defend themselves while we were the ones who attacked.

The  angels realize my suffering and try to get me out of that war but it's  late ... a demon with the appearance of my parents approaches me, I fall  into the trap and when I come to realize my group of soldiers are in the floor full of blood, with swords in the chest and crosses turned in their shattered faces.

The angels try to save me but the demons chained them and burned them in front of my eyes ... why?

The  demon approaches me and looks me in the eyes, those bright red eyes  that only look at me, but something is not right I feel that those eyes  have seen them before, yes, I had seen them ...

Everything  was a trap and the priests were only vile soldiers of hell ... That I  wanted to think but I realized that they were ordinary humans, they  themselves planned everything to seize me ...

My  rage consumes me and I let the hate invade my heart, they lock me in a  prison of energy but before they could do something I cut the head of  one of them, the blood rain started and they attacked me without  stopping.

I  did what I could and started in desperation against that horde of  demons remembering the laughter of my fallen companions, that child  possessed by a demon and that was simply used to take my power.

I  have a thousand spears in the back and my eyes do not seem to be human,  no longer being any pain and there are 3 priests, the 3 strongest, I  launch myself with anger towards them and I start to fight without  stopping.

I feel my body begin to collapse but I realize that everything I thought was really good was bad ...

"They should be punished"

My body is overcome in darkness and I accept myself, the priests try to imprison me but they can not

I feel like my lifeless body destroys them little by little while my mind is gone

It's been 10 years and I do not get old ...

"In the end I became the monster they wanted" 
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