Symbionic Leg 3 - Next Generation Integrated Prosthesis for amputees

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Symbionic Leg 3

Next Generation Integrated Prosthesis for amputees



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Symbionic Leg 3 is the recent advance in bionic legs technology. It offers individuals that their legs are amputated the ability to walk with great safety and confidence without needing to adjust or adapt their walking steps to the prosthesis.

This product is very good for amputees because it reduces the risk of tripping or falling due to the presence of its powered toe lift and stumble recovery

It also enables users to walk naturally in any terrain either on sandy, slope, or grassy grounds without watching their steps everytime.

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The symbionic leg has helped a lot and will help more peopld with amputated legs.
My roomie uses it,the confidence and stability it gives is so cool. When she uses it with a long flowing dress,you won't think she has had an amputation.

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