NOOM - A scientific and psychological-based program that helps loss

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A scientific and psychological-based program that helps loss





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In our world today, there are people who suffer from depression owing to their insecurities of putting on too much weight. This has made these people run into wrong diet plans, hire nutritionists and gym instructors. At the same time, there's a work life to balance. So how does one balance this?

Noom is the answer. Noom coach is a program that assists to stay healthy as it motivates and gives guidance to help attain a healthy lifestyle.

Thus, I'm attracted to NOOM because;

Firstly, i have put on so much weight lately and i fear i might put on more weight if i don't get to watch it. This is primary.

• Noom is a smart technology that helps its user(s) identity their health challenges and engages them in activities to sort out the challenges, thus helping them stay on track.

• Noom could pass for a real life Medical Center as it provides its users with a tool to help monitor their weight, food, exercise, blood pressure, blood sugar and other health checks.

• Noom provides users with a flexible program that helps users set health goals; both long term and short term, with daily support needed.

• Noom provides diet plans and exercise/ gym routine to help users achieve set goals.

• Noom provides over 300+ interactive articles that could help adopt some Psychological tricks into users lifestyle.

• Noom is highly approachable and easy to use.

But of course, there are some pros and cons.


• Easy to use and approachable as stated earlier.

•Web and Mobile based to allow easy access whether on the go or just sitting infront of your PC at the office.

• Real life health tricks thay sticks and help achieve greater goals.

• Communities to keep you stirred for greater healthy habits.


• Coaches are sometimes not available, although rarely.

• Noom feels like a program that is directed to just millennial users. It might not be so comfortable for older users.

You could check NOOM out on the link above. Or download on you mobile devices.

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Hi @xpressng- Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved. Please visit the Steemhunt Posting Guidelines to see what type of hunts will be approved.

Please specifically look at Guidelines 1. Post a "Product," not a "Business."

Noom seems to be more of a business than a product... while they do have a cool app, it's really run more my their staff than an AI solution.

Here is a helpful Guidelines Infographic
Please visit our Discord Server and the channel #mod-urbangladiator if you wish to discuss this decision.

Happy hunting!

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  • Make people to stay health
  • Customize setting
  • Easy to use and nice interface
  • Can access through mobile


  • None for this product

Cool app and the video is precisely detailed.
Nice Hunt!