Napoli Neapolitan Oven - Cook Your Pizza In 90 Seconds

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Napoli Neapolitan Oven

Cook Your Pizza In 90 Seconds



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Napoli Neapolitan Oven is an outdoor oven which can be used to cook different varieties of dishes. It is perfect for cooking a 12in pizza. The good thing is it can reach 900 °F in just 90 seconds. This temperature is very suitable for cooking a pizza. So you can cook a pizza within 90 seconds. Amazing that?
An other feature is this oven can be fired either with wood, charcoal or gas. The tray is included but you need to buy the gas burner as a separate accessory.

So, enjoy your picnics with the yummy pizza and other dishes.
Price: $299



Hunter: @wiseeyes

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WAO this is the realization of now, we can get our pizzas in 90 seconds, this is unavoidable to have it at home, I imagine this in local, arriving and you get your pizza as fast as possible.

This is amazing how it heats up so fast.


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Both the design and color is looking very good and price is little higher but as it is an outdoor over and having that specification it is okay. The best part I like is that it can fired with charcoal, gas and wood. So in that way it is versatile.

Thank you and Have a great day.

I will simply call this pizza oven! It is amazing to know it can reach 900 °F in just 90 seconds. It has a good design too.NIce hunt!


are you kidding me,
Pizza in just 90 sec?
If it is true, I truly want to buy this oven , I'm a pizza lover and when i go to hotel to eat busy, it takes at least half an hour to serve the pizza and this is what i hate the most.

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Glad to see this pizza making oven,perfect temprature for pizza,gas burner should be with it.Our outings and trips need this oven.Families will be happy to see this new oven which can cook various types of dishes.


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