NanoEdge AI - The Machine Learning technology for microcontrollers

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NanoEdge AI

The Machine Learning technology for microcontrollers



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Add value to your objects by making them smart, intuitive and self-contained. Welcome to the world of Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI software.

Their aim is to bring A.I in every aspect of your life. it helps you bring A.I to every machine you use in your life.


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Technology like this and artificial technology are the technologies of the future. Glad to know now we can add these technology in our devices.

Artificial intelligence is coming slowly in our life but I am quite confident that in few years we are going to see much more of AI and that will be so exciting.

This is an amazing technology and I really like the way AI is transforming our daily life and making things easier. I would love to explore more about this technology.


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