piorama - adjustable bag / 9 versions / 3 sizes / one bag

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adjustable bag / 9 versions / 3 sizes / one bag



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Hunter's comment

Here you not only get one bag, but it has three different sizes, you can adjust when you need it, plus there are multiple configurations.

You can change the size from 31 to 46 and to 62 liters and is collapsible for storage. Convert your bag instantly and it will expand or contract. Use it as a Duffel bag, backpack, or sling.

This bag is made for anyone who loves to travel, photograph and others who need space. Flying a lot? Use it as handluggage and on your back flight transform it to a bigger bag. I know how it is while traveling, you always come back home with more carry on than on the flight there.


Extra Information:

  • Adjustable up to 9 different versions
  • Six different colors
  • Simple and easy to transform
  • Three sizes 31, 46 and to 62 litre





Hunter: @whoarewe


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I have never heard of anything like this; it is just genius. I mean, I'm a dude that always wears a backpack, but I don't like to get extra bags so having all of them, in one, sounds like a great deal that I bet many more would enjoy.

Keep on hunting.

Hello friend @whoarewe this is a great product which you have here, good your hunting; therefore, I attach my development of its Pros and cons:


  • Excellent backpack, it is very useful, and very good for those people who love to travel everywhere and carry a variety of things and who need a lot of space.
  • The good thing about it is that it can be transformed into various sizes.
  • It has 3 super different sizes.
  • It is adjustable up to 9 different versions.
  • Varieties of different colors come.


  • None for this hunt.

Pros and Cons
-Highly versatile use
-Multi size in 1 bag cater different us

-When using smallest size, you still carry lot of fabrics


  • very nice and best design

  • can be made for any size and can be made a bag of mountaineers.

  • can be stored in a narrow place


  • nothing to hunt for this

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