Rinspeed Oasis - The Next Gen Car That Comes With A Garden

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Rinspeed Oasis

The Next Gen Car That Comes With A Garden



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Hunter's comment

Introducing Rinspeed Oasis, a two-seater electric car which offers you comfortable chairs, a TV, a table with windscreen serves as a display for virtuals and wait for it ... a garden!

Rinspeed Oasis has the ability to move on its own while the passenger can do whatever they want inside the car. When the steering wheel is not being used, the driver can fold it flat and turn into a workplace with a keyboard and in the glass front part of the car, there is your little garden. Enough space to plant a bonsai tree, potatoes or radishes.

The car equipped with an electric drive and a large solar battery on the roof. With controlled rear wheels, the car has excellent maneuverability.

Please check out the video below for the awesomeness of Rinspeed Oasis.




Hunter: @viverridae


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Thank you ☺️

Doesnt seem like new to me but I like the design and the transparent body of the car. It suits to be a greenhouse car which is literally for plants.


You are right, it is not. But still, the design is way to advance for a normal car.

Wow, the car looks really next gen indeed. And the good thing is: It actually drives! The table that can be created looks to me a little smallish, I think they could've come up with something more cleaver. Not sure why the sides are so much of glass; I can imagine people like to be a bit more private; I know I would :) That said, the car has many features that looks pretty cool.


I think the designer of this car wants a living room, kinda, on wheels. Hence the glass windows. It feels like more inviting.


Maybe indeed. Need to experience it myself. Probably one day, maybe even soon :)


If only any of their renders actually had ever become a product.


Yeh, it'll always take a bit more time to get from ideas and concepts to real products with a certain volume.

The design looks futuristic and i like futuristic designs. Also it's good to see an electric powered car with a Tv feature. Comfortable chairs are also important because i have pain on my back after long distance travels.


Driving one of this makes you feel you in a movie set of 'Back to the Future' with Doc. Hihi

From outside it has unique design and if you go in it, it has totally different world. Steering wheel is really interesting and handy. It has also excellent maneuverability. I like all the features of it.


A car that can moves by itself? I am already sold when I heard this for the first time ☺️

Wow this car look really handy to have around it’s really effective and with this kind of feature I expect the price to be on the high side


This car is everything I could ever imagine 😁

Indeed a very unique idea. I can't believe that someone will sit with a garden in a car. This looks a crazy idea but this is ERA of Technology so we can expect anything at any time. Awesome hunt.


Fresh air inside a car. Amazing, right?

Electric cars with luxury facilities, the design is also good, now it should have started to become common for electric vehicles, great hunting @viverridae

Wow amazing hunt my friend

I cont imaging this type of car.In future all vehicles give good experience on driving. Thanks for sharing


Nice car, right? Must be nice to have one too 😁

Wow excellent hunt

Really very interesting hunt. I cont see this type of facility in a car. Thanks for sharing.


Glad that you’ve like my hunt @omkardivya ☺️

Technology is at its peak. And it becomes more adorable when it comes for the betterment of mankind.
Indeed one of unique hunt of the day. Awesome work and great presentation. Keep hunting


Wow, thank you for your kind comments @shaanivc

I was just thinking about to buy a new car and why not this one? :) It could be great thing to have one of it. I think everyone will look to you when you are driving around. Thanks for this great hunt.


everyone will be so jealous and envy of you. all because of Rinspeed Oasis. Haha

This tech is so great, but yet kinda has you wondering about that automated human obstacle avoidance. I don't know if machines are totally ready for that as yet... imo.


As they say, you can never trust a machine 100%. If a human can make an error, what more a machine without a brain. What I'm trying to say is, don't entirely rely on a machine even they say it can.

This is a great innovative hunt @viverridae! What I love about it is it uses electricity instead of fuel. As you know, there is a lot of disadvantage current cars offer. With this advancement, I can say this is a great hunt!


Exactly. When the fuel prices hike, a car like Rinspeed Oasis can be our solution.

This car comes from the future I think. In the past we all imagined different cars with uniqe things in it but like I said it was all imagination. Now somebody turned his imagination in to real life. Its really great car.


Kudos to the inventor. This is definitely a great invention.

If you just look at that gif it suprises you enough. And after that the video shocks you again. Its great car and seems really comfortable. Having a garden in it is an unique idea. I love it. Thanks a lot.


This car reminds me of a James Bond movie where the car can drive by itself. Haha

Waoo!, this is a lovely car💖
Hi, @viverridae you deserve some accolades for bringing us this awesome hunt.

  • Rinspeed Oasis has a nice design
  • It is an Electric car
  • in this car, you can do whatever you want in it
  • the steering is also foldable

Keep it up and have more good Hunts💞


Oh, and it has a garden inside ☺️. Thank you for your kind comments @fashionsteemit.

A car that has a garden? First I thought I read it wrong. It's great that it's electric car and self-driving. Good hunt


Hahaha, I know right? Who is crazy enough to put a garden in a car? But this car has it all. And the idea of having a garden is just crazy yet brilliant.


True :)

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True :)

Posted using Partiko Android

I thought we just can see the cars like this in sci-fi movies but now its in out life. It has incredible features with a garden in it. With its electric use its also envorionmently friendly.


Giving you fresh air instantly. Or maybe you can plant some fruits inside and voila, fresh fruit from your car’s garden 😝

Wow this is amazing car like non of others and she runs on electricity this future and modification is awesome
And i saw your video link this car is quite enough luxurious too this is the evolutionary pary of modern eara and talk about its design in my opinion it was amazing this is very helpful and beautiful car
I love this car so much thanks for sharing . great hunt


As a matter of fact, I love the design too. Definitely not a family friendly car but I don’t mind to have on this. Hihi

If you just look at that gif it suprises you enough. And after that the video shocks you again. Its great car and really comfortable. I love it. Thanks a lot.

Even its perfect designation, features are enough, it also has a garden. No doubt, the best hunt for today. Congratulations. @viverridae


I watched the video and it is amazing. It is really next gen car with its features and designation. Perfect hunt.

I've never heard of this brand before and they did a great job. It has every comfort like at home; TV, garden... Who doesn't want to have a car like this? Thanks


Especially a garden inside a car right? Who would've thought to design a car with a garden inside a car? Hihi

This car is very cool man!!!
A car like home where I have the opportunity to TV, comfortable chair etc. It really an awesome hunt.
It is even an electric car with durable battery.


Pros and Cons
-Very cool design of the vehicle
-Very green, solar energy and plant

-Only 2 person seated is not too efficient as a vehicle


Yes, I have to agree with you. Seems only two persons are allowed to enjoyed the awesomeness of this car. Look on a brighter side. You can use this car to impress your gf/bg. Haha

A car with garden? It a unique idea and really interesting to me. I read your hunt with pleasure. The car has every thing in it. I can live in this car :smiley: Great hunt.


I am glad you’ve enjoyed reading it @intheair. Thank you 😊

Gasoline is a thing of the past. the new smart cars will take over the world. more ecological and more effective. good hunt

Wow very impressive hunt with something different. I must appreciate the creator of this awesome idea. This is Technology time but such EPIC you can find hardly. Keep it up man. Great!

Hello @viverridae, what a great hunting. Every day the technology advances for the comfort of the people, this is proof of that.

Great hunt @viverridae I want one of this. Its like having your living room in the car. Truly innovative technology!


Proton can start design like Rinspeed Oasis already. Haha.

"Rinspeed Oasis" is amazing Hunt @viverridae.

I love that multifunctional car. When i read about it then i could not believe but after seeing the whole video about it i impressed and desired to have one for me.latest technology used and that's true that it is Next Gen Car That Comes With A Garden.
Thanks for sharing such a unique product.
Keep Hunting.


Thank you for your kind words @rabeel

A very innovative car in its design, the bad thing is that there is no privacity in the car as it is mostly transparent and when it is a very sunny day there will be a lot of heat inside the car, we will see how they are doing in their next prototypes, greetings ..


I think they purposely design with transparent glass as they want the car to have that inviting feeling. Think about it, when you see Rinspeed Oasis cruising down the road, you must be thinking, wow! I want to get in that car too.

Great hunt! your hunt is fantastic the design of this electric car is just incredible having a lot of features Awesome hunt Good luck

I ever thought such a car can never be possible, but thank to the quick change in technology that makes all things possible.



Haha, I guess it is true when they say, nothing is impossible. Thank you @peakreal1

Wow, have a nice hunt @viverridae, this is an amazing car. it has a very cool design. thanks for sharing.

when crypto moons, i will get one of this for my daily use, thank you very much for your hunt~


Haha .. that is a good idea @carobetc.

Super, elegant design and perfect functionality. Definitely, as its premise says, it is the next generation car. In truth, its design was what I loved the most.

Thanks for share this hunt!


You're welcome :)

It is just a concept car I will believe when peoples will drive in this car in front of my eyes. Damm! thanks for sharing,


It was a nice concept creating this one but ill be honest, there must be an improvement on its exterior design hoping soon it will be perfectly pleasing to the eyes. maybe i have different taste talking about appearance of a vehicle.

The red color looks very nice on the car. Every aspect is covered with glass and this provides a great perspective. Environmentally friendly and environmentally sensitive product.


The color sure does make the car looks sexy. hihi

What a futuristic, innovative, creative and fashionable car. It also has a garden. What can be more? Perfect hunt.


Thanks, buddy

Wow..this awesome I ever seen.I just love it.
Technology makes many things. its will be so expensive but awesome. thank you so much for sharing this great hunt..
keep it up..

Interesting car concept. Personally, I haven't been convinced by driverless cars, yet. Though they're good for navigating, I'm still unsure about how well they can react in different situations, especially in freeways and extreme traffic, which is how traffic is in most urban cities. I also don't get the garden. It seems like an afterthought in this case, more like decoration. It didn't really connect with the tech.

Nonetheless, I like this new take on driverless cars. The more we develop and try to come up with these concepts, the more we can refine the technology into something that we can confidently unleash in our streets.


It's one of the features. I don't get it too but I think the inventor invented this car with a garden so it can be something like a 'wow'. My 2 cent :)


That must be it. 😃

Wow this is cool car. I want to buy it because it is very comfortable. It is easy to use and supported by solar battery on the roof.

I hope it can be sold in my country this year.
Thanks for your great hunt


Where are you from @azwarrangkuti? In my country, this car definitely is not allowed by our gov. Hahaha

I wonder when these kind of products become a part of our daily life. We always see these kind of products but they never become a part of our daily life...


Perhaps we can. I am sure if they design one of this, that's mean it is not impossible.

Having a garden in a car is an extreme idea. However other things that this car has gives you the maximum comfor. It's design is unique and beautiful. It drives for you and you can enjoy your travel in it. Great hunt.

this car is almost a house has a garden where you can plant your favorite plants bonsai you can use it as your office and you can do what you want while driving everything a marvel in technology


You basically can live inside. 😆Haha

What a concept, its like moving the full house with all the necessities on road :) Could not find any thing about price. Is it already launched and used by people ? or its just in a concept stage and about to launch ?


You will have to contact Rinspeed itself for inquiry.

Rinspeed AG
Strubenacher 2-4
Postfach 181
CH-8126 Zumikon / Schweiz

Phone +41-44-918.23.23
Fax +41-44-918.24.20
E-mail info@rinspeed.com

@viverridae, this is an amazing hunt using solar battery. Sure would like to drive the one with all this new technology. Innovative. Great hunt.

This electric car looks cool. Foldable steering is very interesting. Thanks for sharing cool hunt.

This is a refreshing idea. The air in the car is usually stale and having plants inside the car would change that.

This is amazing. I want to ride this car for enjoyment. I wait for youe next hunt.


Cheers buddy

wow incredible self and more on the part of people can perform diverse while it is handled alone in addition to the comfort that provides great hunt men

Good Evening @viverridae,
Here is my review about Rinspeed Oasis.


  • Work on an electric principle and available with double seats
  • Provides a table with the windscreen and TV for the virtuals
  • It has an ability to move on its own without the dependency of the driver
  • It makes the driver more independent so that one can move the steering wheel anywhere
  • It has a large solar battery on the roof. With controlled rear wheels, the car has excellent maneuverability
  • It provides massive space to grow the tree inside the car, amazing innovation


  • Did not find any for it

Over all it is an outstanding product and a Great Hunt :)


Thanks, @salmanbukhari54. I'd appreciate your review of my hunt. Cheers.

Ohhhh wao this a very Amazing and valuable hunt,I m totally impress this hunt, what a car,very wonderful design of this car,Very Attractive shape of this car,Very amazing seats,you sit this seat you feel very reluxe,and very easy,very impressive features in this car,fold the staring very easily,You use the staring your drink stand,This is a electric car,Very powerful battery in this car,Very high quality wheels of this car,Everyone like this car,hopefully affordable price of this car,Really very great hunt,thanks for sharing,


No problem @asadchughtai. Glad that you've liked my hunt ;)

Hmm, just short of words. Thanks to steemhunt for letting you show us such an amazing hunt. Ooops a car with a garden jez cant wait to see it. Wat is the price?

This is great, there could be a garden inside a car, only a genius, Thanks to you for your contribution.

Great are the ideas that are filled innovation. If this creativity comes up with the merger of two different ideas it seems real OUT OF THE BOXNESS. In crowdfunding industry, I've witnessed several such examples that got paid for taking this route. For example, Mustaches Cards and Snakeable are some of the examples. Rispeed Oasis seems a vehicle of next generation. I would love to buy or recommend this one to anyone who wants to buy a vehicle for its cool features:

The car equipped with an electric drive and a large solar battery on the roof. With controlled rear wheels, the car has excellent maneuverability.

The only concern seems price that is not mentioned in the post.

Very good work @viverridae. Keep it up.

Everyday here at @steemhunt, amazing products are posted and the good point is that environment friendly products are not only being posted but also getting top ranks. This means people care for environment and want to make it better. The number of comments on this post alone is another proof that people care for environmentally friendly products. From design to cool features, Rinspeed Oasis seems a great hunt. Not sure about what's its price and if that's very high, that would be only downside. Excellent job @viverridae.


I am sure the price is debatable. But I do not want to assumed anything yet. We can only know the price by sending an inquiry directly to the company.

Most lovable Rinspeed Oasis

Wow!, Rinspeed Oasis is a cute car. it has a very stylish design of car. It operates from a solar battery, a very good car environment is free.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

Wait are you kidding me here?!, a car having a garden in it .. That is so awesome .. I will love to get one of this soon though ... Cool hunt here

Super cool Hunt!
Rinspeed Oasis is an eco-friendly invention with awesome design and functional freedom.
It provides cool experience of being in natural environment while driving.

Awesome smart car, who does not want one like that?
small, comfortable avant-garde, has everything and the best park alone, the advance of technology is super ...


Make you wish you could have one right?

That's just brilliant hunt! Rinspeed Oasis is state-of-the-art invention ahead of time with such a brilliant idea to be in a claen and natural environment.
Its eco-friendly and very decent in outlook. The use of renewable energy makes it at the top of mosern inventions.

This is the best car so far that I have seen in this hunt! Congrats buddy! :)


Thanks buddy

Nice hunt.
This car looks so comfy and luxurious...I wish I can have one.


Oh, I wish I have one for myself too 😬

With the look and cool features of this car, I don't know if its affordable in terms of price. The car is so unique. I never thought of such in life.

Nice hunt

A great hunt @viverridae. The technology behind this is commendable. Current cars emit harmful gases and costly fuel prices which is a total problem of the society. I wish to have one!


Me too! This car is definitely one of a kind.

Hi @viverridae,your post on a garden car is very nice.This looks much like a little colony where everything can be done,single persons will prefer living in such cars rather than buying a home for themselves,it's futuristic.


haha, i can’t imagine how a person can live in a car but as they said, there is nothing impossible in life 😁


If it happens I'll buy one first..!!

It means there is NO NEED of HOME. :P This is a lush car where you can enjoy everything. GARDEN is a UNIQUE idea. GREAT HUNT!


Yes! It is unique right? A garden? Who would ever think of that? Brilliant.

its like electric car with a cinema...great hunt

This is incredible @viverridae! I've never seen anything like it. I wonder how much it retails for?


That is a good question @kofibeatz. I think you need to contact Rinspeed AG directly to get a quotation.


Wow! This is a great piece. What an array of features!

good work, it looks amazing, particularly I think that the garden is too, I can not find a relationship. But each head is a world, there will be those who love this characteristic. Congratulations

I like most of this but the garden is a bit overboard. Ain't nobody got time for that!


Apparently, the inventor does. Haha


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