Learn My Curation Secret That Could Theoretically Double Your Account Value in 4 Months + Share Your Voting CSI To Win STEEM

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Curation is n extremely important part of the STEEM ecosystem. It's one of those things that keept e platform alive and vibrant. I've got close to 5000 Effective SP after delegations. I get about 3 STEEM in curation rewards every week which is like a 3% extra interest on my VESTS (SP). But this is a sacrifice because a 100% vote is equal to about 1/10,000th of SP I hold and I get 3650 votes per year which is like a 36.5% interest on my VESTS (SP). Now here is my voting CSI:

So basically I've lost about a potential 33.5% interest on my Effective SP thanks to my voting behavior. But it's fine by me. I've gained other things like friends and ability to support certain people and project through places such as @fundition

Now Here is a Secret Tip

Anybody who follows me knows that I'm a very big fan of @steemhunt In fact I consider it to be the best SMT project with no real competition. As a geek I like many of the posts (Hunts) and I have a decent grip on curating the Hunts. The top Hunts ends up receiving a few dollars worth upvotes and I get to put my few cents before that vote (and hopefully many others come). This is a curation secret.

What makes things even better is that you get Hunt Tokens for your voting contributions. Currently 1 HUNT is close to 0.05 STU which is little over 4 cents. I generally make over 2000 HUNT per week at least. You do the math. Mine is about $80 which is like 320 STEEM per week at current prices. Let that sink in. If STEEM prices remain stable, I would have doubled my Effective SP in 4 months. In other words that's like a 300% interest. So go ahead and support the @steemhunt project.

Resteem and Share The Knowledge

I don't have much of a following. But it sure does pay to follow my articles. Now don't be too greedy. I'spreading this all for free. In only cost few Resource Credits for a resteem. So spread the word. [Here is my article on Why STEEM Hunt is The Best Place To Post For A 15 SP Account which also came with a bunch of valuable tips.

Please Support @steemchiller

You can get your Voting CSI and many more info at https://steemworld.org and the creator @steemchiller maintains the website through the "Weekly Support" posts. He is not even running for witness although I've mentioned several times that he should. Just give this guy a one full upvote a week and a resteem. That's not too hard to do.

Happy Steeming! - Happy Hunting!

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"Currently 1 HUNT is close to 0.05 STU which is little over 4 cents."
Where do you get theese numbers from?

Nice and informative post with pretty useful guidelines. I agree with you @steemchiller should run for the witness, many would support him.

Have a nice day.

Pretty good strategy considering that you earn tokens too. Others front run bots...

The only negative is that just because we know a big vote will land and your curation will skyrocket most won’t even bother read what the post is all about...

Cheers. I do like steemhunt. Dyou have to vote via the steemhunt website to get the curation rewards?

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You don't have to use the website to get curation rewards. But you do have to vote using the website to earn HUNT Tokens.

Nice post.
Thanks for the info
I have a question is just upvoting the post in the @steemhunt that get curation or posting through the platform.


If you upvote, you get curation + HUNT Tokens. If you post and your post get ranked high enough, you get a few dollars worth upvote.



Thank you for this post. I am not a geek or a shopper and I looked at steemhunt before but I could not understand it at all. I took your other link and will put it in my minnow tips post for others to see and look at it myself and try again to undestand.

  1. How soon after posting does the steemhunt vote come in?
  2. How do you know (guess) which are the top people who will get good votes?

Note: I do this same strategy at a couple of other tags, but they do not have the smt of course.


Thanks for the response.

  1. Votes come once a day few minutes after midnight KST
  2. It's based on the Hunt Score which is visible on the website: https://steemhunt.com

Awesome. Thank you so much. I will start going in there. Great tip!

Stopping by to support your post @vimukthi. Thank you for sharing this with us! At some point, I hope to have the time to look into this further. I have bookmarked it, for future reference.

Resteemed, as requested.


Thank you!
You might also be interested in Magic Dice which I've written about here and here

that is a pretty huge return. Seems to good be true.

I have to read about STU though as I have no idea what this is. But I would like to dig into this a bit.

As you I dont curate only for profit but this seems to woth checking out


You can about STUs here: https://steem.supply/rewards

Very interesting. Makes me wonder how much I’ve been missing out with my current curation techniques ... thanks for sharing @vimukthi

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Happy to help :-)

Can you remind me what STU’s are?
And what can you do with HUNT tokens? Can you exchange them for Steem?

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Read about STUs here: https://steem.supply/rewards
@steemhunt is working on directly making themselves available on exchanges when SMT gets released. HUNT Tokens is going o be like many of the ERC-20 tokens. You can read more about the platform here: https://token.steemhunt.com/


Oh I see, thank you! I’ve never really been into steemhunt (or producthunt for that matter) but I learned a lot more about it in Penang last week when visiting #teammalaysia and understand it a bit better now.

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Now that's a cool way to see your post out of Steemhunt, fellow hunter. 😊 I myself have been thinking of writing about it.

Good endorsement and support for the Steemhunt platform!

I also love SteemHunt!

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Good info @vimukthi I resteemed your post too!!

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Great advaices!! thank you!!

What does CSI stand for?


Nah not much help. @steemchiller is good an I love/use steemworld all the time. I'll just let it this one go, things should not be so overly complicated to understand or calculate. The answer is no one knows. No one knows what this three letter abbreviation means although they use conversationally anyways.

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