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Safety 1st

Monitor Your Baby Safety



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Safety 1st

Hello, people today we will talk about your baby safety! Do you have a baby and you always want to know if your baby is always fine even if you are go to the bathroom or getting food in your kitchen. We all know parents need a products that give a confidence in the safety of their child one of the best product to know if their child's is safe is a baby monitor. That's why the Safety 1st was born for our baby safety and to give them parents peace of mind.

Safety 1st HD WiFi streaming baby monitor camera with movement detection free mobile app and wireless HD streaming. The apps is available on Android devices and Mac you can download on Google Playstore and App Store the app is free. Using the Safety 1st the basic features for parents have an ability to clearly see in here whenever and wherever. Using your smartphone it connect seamlessly and eliminates the need for a separate viewing handheld device the there's was a camera design with a better hardware and software so you can get the highest quality viewing experience.

Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor with Parent Audio Unit

The one-of-a-kind, always-on audio device lets you keep a constant ear on your baby. It’s WiFi connected so you can hear your baby from anywhere in your home. And because it works together with the camera, it alerts you to both sound and movement and lets you see live video whenever you want to check in on your baby. Link Source

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The Camera and Speaker

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My Review

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Let's talk about the Pros and Cons.


  • I think the monitor and app is totally great
  • You can view your baby whenever and wherever and which is fantastic job.
  • You can download the apps for free.


  • Maybe if your smartphone is already died.

Is this Safety 1st is really worth it? please share your thought leave a comment of your review and don't forget to upvote my SteemHunt post. I hope you really like it. Thanks for dropping by until next hunting. @toffer



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Savage! @toffer | Monitor Your Baby Become Easy

Note: This is just ”my personal opinion”, not intended to “judge” the reviews you have made.

Even with just reading the title of your product review, I can already guess the function of this device. "Monitoring the activities of the baby becomes easier".

With Safety 1st, baby security is really the number one, because we can monitor it from anywhere and anytime (interconnected with various portable devices like Smartphone, etc). In addition we can monitor our baby, we can also record, take photos, and various interesting moments that must be in capture.

None. This tool is perfect. I love babies, and i need this device.

Nice cool! Thank you for your wonderful comment reviewed
@calprut I appreciate a lot.


  • It is a perfect product that a mother can monitor her baby
  • You can hear and see the baby whenever you are
  • Impressive quality of the design
  • It is fast, easy, and reliable
  • When using this product, you will have to less worry of your baby


  • None so far for this great hunt

Thank you for your comment reviewed @vinzie1 I appreciate a lot.


  • Ideal for busy parents
  • Monitors your baby's condition or activities
  • Provides extra-security for parents, less worries.

None that I can see,I like that the app Opensource, it's convenient and accessible.


  • Helps the way to monitor your baby
  • It is available for android and iOS, so no limitation here
  • Includes a video camera


  • None


  • Looks really fun and useful
  • Awesome design / usability
  • I really enjoy the size of the product


  • None

Thank you for your comment reviewed @dpoll.economy


  • The idea behind this is really well spend time
  • The product will help people of different groups
  • Great opportunity


  • I can't say anything bad about it

Wow, it looks cool.


  • very useful for parents who want to see babys wherever
  • provides app for camera on android market and app store
  • supports HD video with mininal
  • camera design is good


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.

Thank you for your comment reviewed @randomwalker

As a father to a 4 year old daughter, this would be worth it for my kid's safety.


  • Sharing the moments to family about your kid
  • Can multi task like still hear the baby even if you are watching or streaming online
  • Can monitor baby even on the go


  • Can't think of anything

Hi, @rye05 same here I have a 4 year old daughter too.. Thanks for your comment reviewed.

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Thank you mod @jayplaco for reviewing and verifying my SH post.

Pros :

  • A good way to monitor your baby while you are away
  • It has a really exceptional quality video capture
  • You can clearly see your baby in the video for it has less buffering
  • It has a more enhanced protection that always encrypted for your family's privacy and protection
  • You can easily see blind spots during the night since it has 12 infrared lights

Cons :

  • A great product that provides protection and security to babies. I have no cons for this product.

Thank you pareng @mindblast for your comment reviewed.

it is an opportunity for me to review such wonderful product.


  • It can help you to monitor your baby
  • You can download it in google store or Apple store
  • Highly reccomended for parents
  • You can always keep on track your baby’s situation via your smartphone


  • It is all about the safety and security of your baby, so negative comment from me for this hunt.

Hi, @gohenry thanks for your comment reviewed.

Pros :

  • Easy to use device to monitor your child
  • The device is encrypted and cannot be hacked
  • It can be used to watch baby at night as well .

Cons :

  • The product is expensive given that there are many similar products in the market

Thank you for your comment reviewed @memesdaily


  • Best for monitoring your baby or even your toddler. This can also be used a hidden cam to track the activities of the person who is looking after your baby
  • It has a powerful night vision through infrared lights


  • This needs some internet connection. So if your connection may be slow at the moment, you could deifitely experience video bluffering

Here is my review on this hunt:

• Designed with best in class hardware and software for crystal clear viewing
• Uses up to a 1/3 less data so you can see your baby clearly without slowing down your WiFi
• Built-in encryption keeps your family’s privacy protected, even if you don’t frequently change the password on your router.
• 12 infrared lights, so you can see clearly in the dark with minimal blind spots

• No cons. This is very helpful.

Thank you for your comment reviewed @ameriza I appreciate a lot.

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This is a good hunt. I would love to have this to monitor my baby anytime.

a good app to monitor baby's moves
you can download the app for free

you won't be able to use it if you don't have wifi connection.

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