Magnetic Notes - Paper That Clings to Any Surface

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Magnetic Notes

Paper That Clings to Any Surface



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Hunter's comment

Magnetic notes is a new type of adhesive note that make use of static electricity instead of glues, making jotting more easily.

Main feature:

  • Convenient

Without using any sticking clues, Magnetic notes makes use of static electricity so that there do not leave any residue and damage the surface for sticking.

  • Useful in wide range of material

Magnetic Notes can stick to smooth surface for most of material: texile, metal, wood, stone , leather, which is more versatile for conventional sticky notes.

  • 2 way usage

There are 2 side of the paper: the one side with colours is for permanent writing while the other side with grey colour is erasable when using markers, which satisfying the needs of all users.

Magnetic Notes is indeed a useful gadget for jotting notes, which can also erasable and convenient. The price is also attractive ($2 usd for 100 sheets



Hunter: @tinytaruen

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  • it is very innovative and unique product
  • it can stick to anywhere
  • it is very convenient
  • it is expensive compare to the normal one

Great hunt!

The lines of text below contain my opinion about this product. I'll write down the things I like or dislike about it.


  • sticks to any surface
  • back of it can be written with marker and clean it after
  • small and easy to move around
  • different colors so you can match them with your needs


  • nothing

Nice Hunt!


  • awesome use of static force
  • no need for black- or whiteboards anymore just simply stick it to your blank wall
  • awesome cheap price


  • none for this product

Hi @tinytaruen,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Innovative product !

Never thought of magnetic notes - makes it a cheap ad on your car for all kinds of weather. Just make sure to use magic markers.

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