HALO - A 360° Personal Safety and Task Light

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A 360° Personal Safety and Task Light



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Hunter's comment

HALO is a new type safety devices for nighttime workman. With 360 degree night and sprinkling function, HALO can offer safest protection and grab attention at night.

Main feature:

  • High visibility

HALO can shine to make people visible 1/4 mile away in all directions with its round shape, the visibility of workers become much higher when compared to traditional lighting.

  • Versatile mode

There are 4 modes in HALO for satisfying the needs of workers:Normal, High alert. Dim and Task.

  • Durable

HALO is built to survive the tough working environment of the worker. It reached IP67 rating, that means there is no effect on dust, dirt, mud, water, rain, and snow.

I think HALO is quite novel and benefit the nighttime workers from providing extraordinary visibility, but the price($99 usd) is a bit expensive.




Hunter: @tinytaruen


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Now after lowering my emotion a bit:

Hello hunter friend !!
This product that you bring us today is new, different from the products that we are used to seeing here at SH; as I could read it is super for the night workers and the mining activity, due to its durability and resistance. But it would be cooler if the user could indicate if he wants the emitted luminosity to be convergent or divergent; This product can be more comfortable in various situations and / or lighting requirements. What do you think?

Without more to add, it only remains to say: Congratulations Friend Hunter; and it continues:

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Nice Hunt!


  • great solution to further increase safety for nighttime workers
  • extremely durable to withstand a hard working day
  • the rechargeable battery easily covers a shift


  • price is really to high in my opinion (even though the idea is brilliant its basically just some leds)

I like the idea that it illuminates the surrounding area. But I feel there is a necessity of converging beam to view things at distant along with this then this product would have been great !


This is my opinion about your hunt


  • For those of you who work during the night and need lighting near you, this HALO product is very good for you to use as light that work on your head, with light around your head, can you use this product.
  • With 4 modes in HALO you can use as best as possible according to your condition while wearing it.
  • What's great and good HALO can last a long time, resist with various weather and threats, such as: Rain, Mud, Dirt and the like.
  • I recommend for you to use and have it.


  • None for this hunt

I will give value to your hunt

Awesome Hunt @tinytaruen

Pros / Cons


  • $ 99, for your security in work, this should you buy at any price.
  • Bright lights. Brightness can be customized to your liking.
  • It's very bright and 360 degrees. Even people from a distance of 1/4 mile can see it.
  • Circular, can be installed anywhere.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • Security support tools you need when you work at night, or in dark places.

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