LiFi-XC Station - Internet over light

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LiFi-XC Station

Internet over light



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what if you can use light to transmit data packets over the internet.

I am sure you have heard about all radiations and stuff, what if we can communicate by a different medium like light instead of electromagnetic waves.

Lifi - is a relatively new concept which uses light to transmit data packets. this mode of communication is full duplex and a lot of research is being done by big players like Philips etc to make transfer speeds comparable to the speed of light.

lifi xc station is a plug and play system which is compatible with any usb device.A secure and fast solution.



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Thanks for this hunt @theversatileguy it is the first time that I saw this technology


  • As per the site it can go up to 43 Mbps for the communication to any LiFi enabled LED light.

  • This can be used in closed spaces! Especially if the radio frequency is at scarce in your area so I think that is absolutely a plus on this product since it doesn't rely on those tech.

  • Plug and play! No other stuff required, nothing to install or whatsoever and it is lightweight 43 grams only.


  • Can't think of any, can't compare this to other products since it is the first one that I saw as of now.

Yeah ! It is fairly new in the market. A lot of research still going on, but i think it is disruptive one 😀

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  • amazing tehnical solution that replaces wifi would be a great health benefit to people because it removes one of the many sources of radiation we're exposed to on a daily basis
  • compatibility with existing usb devices


  • not available for the masses yet

Awesome hunt buddy.

Pros :

  • flexible deployments
  • safe wireless communication
  • provides fast and robust user experience
  • high speed communication
  • looks awesome

-none for this hunt

Lifi is a really cool alternative to Wifi as it seems. I haven't heard about it before but I had a quick look at the wiki page and I like it.

Just one little sidenote: light is also electromagnetic waves. Just a tiny spectrum of it but nevertheless part of it.

@flauwy, yes you are right , light can be considered as an electromagnetic wave comprising of electric and magnetic fields.

This tech is becoming more and more popular... light-based communication has a lot to give yet! The wireless stuff is a thing from the past compared with the possibilities and performance of this kind of technology.

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