3doodler 3D Printing Pen - worlds best 3d printing pen

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3doodler 3D Printing Pen

worlds best 3d printing pen





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I have seen few other 3d printing pens, but this one is the best, it is designed in us and ships anywhere in the world.

they have a nice product market fit range from starter pen to pro to schools and teacher kits, it is just fab...

it provides various modes of operating speeds, just to enhance doodling experience, it's extruder is mess free and site claims that it is safe for children from 14 years of age




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3d industry seems to be hot right now with various innovations, I hope am able to get one

yeah man , a lot of innovation from that industry


  • best in class extruder, simple and precisive
  • works with any industry standard filament
  • safe and innovative build


  • does match in speed with the latest portable printers.

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Would be cool to see a bird cage made with this.
Good for prototyping an outline of something, even in piecemeal

Not for hi-fi work

yeah you are right it is not for hifi applications , but comes handy for creative people

Pros :

  • it is mess free

-it is safe for children aged 14 and up

  • safe to use

Cons :

No cons for this.

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