Samsung Flip - The evolution of whiteboards!

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Samsung Flip

The evolution of whiteboards!





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In this modern times, the old products products are getting replaced by a new and intelligent one! Just like this innovative Flip made by samsung.

It is the evolution of a whiteboard, you can write stuff just like the whiteboard but instead of using a marker which has a very limited ink inside this uses any object as a writing tool. Its very convenient if you ask me! You can endlessly write whatever you want in there and with just a swipe of your hand, you can easily erase those doodles without leaving a smudge.


This also has an option to save what you have write on the screen and transfer it to your phone or computer and share it to your colleagues. Its a very convenient device for note taking. You can even add pictures or documents in there to discuss with your colleagues effectively.



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Pros :

  • It can be a great tool to have more efficient meetings and gathering
  • A fun way to get creative thinking and collaboration
  • It has innovative digital flipchart which makes an efficient and productive collaboration without any hassle
  • You can navigate really easy making you more productive in any way

Cons :

  • It is too expensive to have this kind of item just for meeting and collaboration. There are many alternatives where you can select from.

Pros :

  • This is a convenient technique.
  • This is very simple.
  • This can be used by anyone.
  • This is an environmentally friendly technology.

Cons :

  • None

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I'm curious whether it pays off in the long term, both in terms of productivity and cost... Retail cost is $2700 (link) while a random normal whiteboard (Amazon) is $250. Lifetime markers will be at most... $400? Are you getting so much more done that a $2000 price increase is acceptable?

I love new gadgets but they need to make sense economically, right?

I understand your point. I think what we are buying this time is the brand itself. Not the product. We can deal with it tho.

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