Reficul VR - Do you have the guts to play the world of REFICUL!

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Reficul VR

Do you have the guts to play the world of REFICUL!







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Reficul VR

Steam never fail to give the best of the best games that will suit our likes and wants. This time, I will be sharing you this horrific VR game, the Reciful. I am really not into horror genre to be honest, but maybe I'll make some exceptions on this scary VR game. This is great for horror lovers that find enjoyment in screaming and hysterical moments. But for me, this is not recommended to children or below allowed ages.


Reficul VR a survival horror game- was officially released on May 10th year 2018. This game comes with various of actions and adventure of a user wanted to survive a hell-like dream. It was originally designed for Virtual Reality. The game has intense gameplay environment and very scary visuals. It has realistic weapons that is visible to the user. I consider it as an scary adventure game where you can pick magical relics and tools . This is the time to test your survival skills in this game. Reficul aims to use your both hands to control and navigate your character. Time to give your best shot and test your survival instincts!



Hunter: @themanualbot

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This is a great hunt that you made there @themanualbot. Below are my personal opinion toward this hunt.


  • It is a survival plus horror type of Virtual Reality game
  • With lots of challenges and unique mobs or enemies
  • Learn how to survive for yourself in the game


  • This Virtual Reality game is not suitable for people that has physical and mental problem

Keep up the hunt!
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Thanks mr.story writer!

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Thanks for sharing this new VR game to us @themanualbot.
Please see my personal review :

Pros :

  • A horor game which can really be a great gaming experience to those gamer who love this kind of genre
  • You will experience a more challenging obstacles throughout the stages where you will encounter zombies and other enemies from the dark world.
  • The graphics and effects are really excellent which it has received positive feedback from both players and critics
  • You will feel the thrill and the opportunity to use magic relics, powerful weapons that will be used to defend yourself with assaulting enemies
  • Aside from the main game it has some challenges and objectives which can really test your survival skills

Cons :

  • Limited to single player only
  • Not recommended for children due to violence

Yes, I highly agree with @themanualbot this game is perfect for the gamer who loves horror and wanted to scream out loud. When I check the video I feel like cant survives this game, the sound effect is insane grrrrr.

  • It has very scary immersive gameplay.
  • If you love horror movies, this game is highly recommended for you.


  • Full violence that might be cause psychological scares to players

Congratulations on your verified.
Thank you for sharing.

No, Thank you! :)

wow!!! Scary VR? very interesting!!!
Go for Top 10! Yeah!!

This is way beyond scary, I think. I don't like it but I love sharing it. :)

This is the last game I want to play in my game list. Looking at the video, it seems like I couldn't handle the intensity of this VR game hahahah. But let me give my honest review of this one:


  • I agree. This is definitely perfect for people who love the thrills of what horror brings. This must bring those chills in their spines
  • Your surviving and strategic skills will be tested in a very challenging way


  • This VR game somehow promotes violence, thus it is not suited to be played by young ones. Otherwise, strict guidance and supervision must be implemented.


  • Easy to use and get started
  • Good discovery of the product
  • Amazing looking product


  • None

Well this project looks great.

I cant play this game haha!

Not for us. haha!