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Steem-Powered VR


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I was in a Steemit Group last week & someone posted a link to this site with some VR content. The link is below. I was able to use my PC to view it. It was Steem-Powered. Anyone could make their own VR Experience. I walked through an Art Gallery. I really wish I could find my Google Carboard box, because it would me much cooler using it for this.

I haven't tried creating my own yet. It probably takes a little time. I built years ago in Second Life, so it could be something like that. If you are looking to create you own VR Experience, go check this out. Check the link to the Art Gallery too.

@GabbaGallery in VR

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This is awesome! I don't truly understand why it's Steem-powered, but it can't hurt.


  • Uses SteemConnect which is really the only way I'll ever log in with my Steem account.
  • It's opensource so other devs can leverage off this exciting technology.


  • I kind of wish they had examples of what could be created. I don't have any VR access, but I'd consider buying something if I knew what I could create.
  • Website needs a little bit of work in the About section, but is amazing in the rest of the website...

I don't know why it's Steem-Powered either. Maybe for usernames. I haven't really looked too much into the website, someone sent the link to it a week ago on a Discord chat. Maybe they charge by area size & that is by steem. I have no idea. But this is the link I got in the chat.

@GabbaGallery in VR

It's steem powered because everything is paid for by steem. dlux takes 10% to pay the bills... hopefully less. There is a live stream of me making a game from boilerplate and we are still working on making better starter code for people. But as is once it's posted it's a lot like dlive, the content is content, the rewards and curation are steem.

Nice... Will have to look at these videos. I figured Steem was probably used to cover the cost to run it.

This is opensource
You can create your own virtual reality experience
uses Steem
can connect with Steemconnect so your password is safe

no con to find here

yup and its IPFS and i know the guy @disregardfiat who created it you can come talk to him on https://steemspeak.com discord and he has his own discord too i can give to you after u find him in there since theres atcualy people in that steemspeak one, not ideal butw e have to use it as a portal for now

the ipfs 3d worlds will be great for building games, blockchain games cna be 3d s easily we can amke SOOO much cool stuff INFINITE possibilities man its really insane

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