Cubot X18 Plus - Cool design high performance

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Cubot X18 Plus

Cool design high performance


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Hunter's comment

Cubot x18 plus is a new smarphone with powerfull hardware. The first thing that i want to point is its camera quality. It has 20mp and 2mp cameras so its good to make quality shots. It comes with Android 8.0 and its 4gb ram memory makes it fast also with octacoren CPU. It has also 64gb storage so for a smartphone its more than enough.

With its big screen it makes watching videos also more enjoyable. It has 5.99" display with FHD (2160 x 1080). At last point i want to talk about its battery, with 4000mAh it will work long time.

Its price is about €148 so with these specifications i thing its really good price.
I hope you liked my hunt for today and hope to see you on my next hunts.



Hunter: @tarikhakan55

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Nice Hunt!


  • great powerful and most of all affordable smartphone (for a "normal" person it is a huge investment paying nearly $1000 USD for the main brands like Apple and Samsung)
  • powerful battery so you do not need to worry to get through the day with it
  • 4 gb ram makes it a really fast smartphone
  • with 64 gb storage there is no need to back up your photos or videos every single month


  • in general I would say none (but personally I'm not really a fan of smartphones that huge - just my opinion but I think they are quite unhandy in that size)

Generally I prefer to use wide screen phones
It depends on you of course, thanks for reviewing @elleok :]

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One plus 6 is better or Cubot x18 plus
Which is better?

Hello @tarikhakan55
This is my opinion about your hunt


  • Make you a phone lover, I recommend to use this phone, because this phone has a strong quality and has very many features, for example has a good camera 20mp, equipped with OS 8.0, In addition a great processor, and 4GB of RAM make this phone very good indeed.
  • And besides having a large 5.99 inch screen with a screen resolution of FHD (2160 x 1080) it would be perfect for you to watch videos or movies with this phone.
  • Battery large enough 4000mAh, will last long enough when worn.


  • None for this hunt

This is the value I give to your hunt

Pros :

  • It has a more delicate big screen which provides you a much wider display and even extreme high definition viewing experience.
  • It has a more longer and better battery life which give you more opportunity to use your mobile phone which gives you more sufficient power source.
  • It has a better selfie and normal photo captures which it can output a more optimized and beautiful images and photos.


  • The phone's price is quite in standard and i think it has a good price in it, in regards to the specification of the phone. I see no cons instead for this item.

You have done a very extensive review. Thank you @mindblast

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• with up to 4gb of ram you can surf easily and smoothly on social media
• supported long battery life
• Storage that reaches 64 gb is very easy for us to take as many pictures as possible

• maybe for people who like selfie smartphone is not good.

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