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RE: Introducing HUNT Platform - Front Page for Product Influencers and Makers by Token Economy

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Looks like this is one of the projects that'll turn the initial vision of Steem's founders into reality, where social interaction and the attention economy are merging and building markets of the future.


Could you specify this part of the post a bit more:

Already (...) $85,573.94 hunter rewards have been generated over 184 days on top of Steem Blockchain.

What does it actually mean that hunter rewards have been generated on the Steem BC? Are these virtual tokens that can be exchanged into real tokens later on, once SMTs are rolled out?


Hi, that " $85,573.94 hunter rewards" -> means SBD amount generated so far via HUNT token is not been issued/listed in the market yet. Later on when the HUNT tokens are issued via SMT, you may be able to trade via DEX or other markets if they are listed.

Awesome, thanks for the detailed explanation!

That amount is Rewards from votes, for hunting products.

You can claim your hunt tokens on
Where the airdrop is 1:1

Interesting... So 1:1 = Hunt : Steem?

Yes correct but you can only claim one time, so lets say you claim than power up some more you cannot claim again for the new SP.

Yeah the thought of this is amazing and it’s scaling very well.

I believe it will be ERC-20 tokens and then when SMTs release, users will be able to swap.

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