Glasstopower - Your window will be a solar panel

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Your window will be a solar panel



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Transparent photovoltaic windows with silicon nanospheres, the new Italian innovation for the sector. It is the first system for the production of silicon nanospheres, the main material in the solar luminescent special solar concentrators of Solar Glass, will be manufactured in Trento, Italy.


How do these work.

The solution developed by Glass to Power is based on the use of luminescent solar concentrators (LSC), plastic sheets in which nanoscale optically active materials are incorporated.
The LSCs capture part of the solar radiation (the infrared rays) that pass through them and concentrate it at the edges



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That's great, now the facades of buildings can provide them with electricity in an eco-friendly way, only that I think that this type of solar panels would have a very high cost.
Exellent hunt @stmitbackpacker

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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We already know the designs by Italians and I see that this brand is from Italy.
Now we will have to wait to see the development of energy production


Yes, the Italians have a good taste for design

I think that this would have a greater cost to comparate continue using the old public energy system.
Unless they are manufactured by governments.


Surely, but in the long term it may be a good investment

Very nice glass, ive never seen something like this before

The Solar energy is here to stay and why not be the pioneer.
Nice panels


I hope it's like that

How they made these transparent. this is very interesting.


all companies have their secrets, esop makes them able to be where they are

This product is great and the panel does not look so thick.
I hope that they are manufactured in larger sizes to better use the windows of my house

The solar energy market grows more every day, this hunting is very interesting

I like it, in the big cities where the sun is radiant they will make the most of them.


obbiusly, thank you

A very good idea, that the windows produce electrical energy.

This would be a medium-term investment since the solar panels at the moment are very expensive


totally agree

The energy has several ways to be exploited, this seems to me the one that takes less effort


Surely, you do not have to move anything, you simply capture the photovoltaic energy of the sun

It's a really cool product, I think these transparent solar panels take over the market soon


we have to wait to see these poducts in action

Magnificent, they should explain how they achieve transparency, but that is what differentiates them from others.
The business is there


i think its impossible explain the main characteristic from their product

I like this project.
It is very innovative


good, thanks

wow this glass is incredible

A few days ago I saw a similar glass here in steemhunt.
Nice hunt


some companies are working in this type of products