Steemhunt/SteemConnect Permissions Question

in steemhunt •  2 months ago

I'm a slow adopter of SteemConnect. I certainly don't understand the mechanics of it all and freeze every time it asks me to give permissions to the few apps I've approved.

As for Steemhunt, I was looking to register for their 1:1 Steem/HUNT token airdrop and went to SteemConnect the link to the wallet provided in this post.

I was prompted to approve the rights Steemhunt sought below and froze again (due to lack of understanding/experience).

Since I don't use the medium often, is it common for apps to seek all of these permissions from the Posting Role? Custom Json??

Regardless, why do apps need them, and does Steemhunt ever use them?

I understand some may come with the territory of sharing my key, but it confuses me enough to ask. This may be obvious, but please humor me.

I don't know... I just feel uncomfortable with it... but we have to share these rights to claim this airdrop.

I'd use a lot more of these apps if they didn't need this. Thanks for any advice or explanation.

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ı dont have any idea about it but you are in a good spot
ı wonder this and ı hope someones will give some informations about this

I have no idea you talk to topics . But i hope this is best for all.