The Last IEO Round with $8,000 worth of Prizes, New Experiment in Token Listing Strategy

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The final sales round for the Steemhunt IEO will begin on April 8th, 12:00 (KST) via Daybit exchange with total of 400,000 HUNT token ($8,000 worth) prizes.

HUNT token will be listed in Daybit exchange for the first time between April and May. Beginning with this token listing, we will try a new way to drive our token demand based on value-pegging demands.

Participate in the Final IEO -

The Final Sales and $8,000 Worth of Prizes

We are running three IEO batches via Daybit as below:

  • 1st Batch - DAY Token Only / April 1st, 2019, at 19:00 (KST) → Sold out within 20 seconds
  • 2nd Batch - DAY Token Only / April 3rd, 2019, at 12:00 (KST) → Sold out within 12 seconds
  • 3rd Batch - STEEM, BTC, ETH, EOS / April 8th, 2019, at 12:00 (KST) - April 12th, 2019, at 24:00 (KST)

STEEM, BTC, ETH, EOS will be accepted for participation, and the bonus rate is 14% (with a 90 days lock-up period from the moment HUNT is officially listed).


Since this will be the last round, we have prepared some big prizes with a total of 400,000 HUNT tokens (worth $8,000) as below:

1. Top Three Buyers

  • 1st place (1 person) : 100,000 HUNT (worth $2,000)
  • 2nd place (1 person) : 60,000 HUNT (worth $1,200)
  • 3rd place (1 person) : 40,000 HUNT (worth $800)

2. Random Lottery up to 100 Buyers

Up to 100 people who purchase more than 20,000 HUNT ($400 worth) will receive an added bonus of 2,000 HUNT (worth $40) based on RANDOM SELECTION.

All prizes will also have a 90 days lock-up period after HUNT is officially listed. Please read more about this prize event here -

Our IEOs have Increased Attention on Steem Blockchain

Our IEO journey started on March 14, 2019 and took almost a month with three different exchanges - IDCM, Probit, and Daybit. During this long journey there has been a number of outcomes so far.

1. Steemhunt’s traffic has skyrocketed.

Screenshot 2019-04-05 14.48.15.png

Since we begin our IEO journey, the monthly active users at Steemhunt has surpassed over 600K with over 45K daily users, which has increased more than 600% within a month. Our project has been featured/discussed a lot via big crypto communities and influencers in Korea.

2. Crypto investors have more interests in Steem blockchain

Screenshot 2019-04-05 17.13.38.png

Many crypto investors did not know that there are many DApps with a wide range of real users in Steem blockchain.

Most token funding (ICO, IEO) was previously based on just white papers and “plans” without any working products or users. Now investors can see that there are many DApps like Steemhunt that have made a concrete user base with the potential to bring feasible blockchain use cases.

One of the top new medias in Korea (Chosun) has covered how Daybit exchange is trying to establish a STEEM trading pairs market for Steem DApps ( Many big crypto influencers/bloggers are talking about Steem and Steemhunt.

3. More Steem DApps are jumping into the IEO journey

Now @dlike and @actifit are planning to join the IEO journey. Dlike’s first IEO round will begin on April 8th, 2019 via the IDCM Korea, the first exchange where Steemhunt ran an IEO.

Actifit is also discussing with a couple of exchanges to run IEOs.

We believe that this trend will create a strong positive momentum for Steem blockchain.

New Experiment in Driving Price Momentum

In general, the buying momentum of the token when it is listed in exchanges mostly comes from pump-and-dump-based sources such as; listing major exchanges, buying back their tokens, or burning the supply, and MOU/partnerships with non-crypto (and big) companies. We believe that this only works in the short-term, and isn’t a healthy trend for the crypto ecosystem.

Whereas, we have a plan to connect the token buying demands from companies who want to run review campaigns to utilises hunters for their product launching marketing. Most companies do not have any accounting process to handle cryptocurrency transactions. If we let them use their own fiat-based marketing budget for running the review campaigns and Steemhunt purchases the equal amount of HUNT tokens from the exchanges, this will bring highly stable token demands irregardless of the bear market situation.

Participate in the Final IEO -


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I invested in the IEO on probit Exchange . Such an amazing project. Looking forward to this one. Thanks.

I think I like that idea of serving as a bridge between non crypto savvy investors and the purchase of hunt tokens. Otherwise, hunt will only be left at the mercy of PnD and we would just have a very volatile token.

I haven't read the WP, but what other means of payment will be accepted apart from the USD, KRW? And then by buying from exchanges, do you mean SH team buying it themselves or a provision through treasury and liquidity partners?

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Are apple store reviews for podcasts going to be a thing on reviewhunt?

I'm a fucktard.

Insane progress by @steemhunt team. Congrats and best wishes.

Resteeming for awareness

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quite genius. well done on this whole IEO run! :) it's been fantastic.

Fantastic! With that huge traffic Hunt definitely deserves to be top 100

@steemhunt, Excited to hear this and definitely waiting for this to start. Keep up team and great to see that Steemhunt Economy is receiving effective adoption.

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good job guys!

I haven't used steemhunt all that much but when I first joined the steem ecosystme I played with is a bit and it is a great idea.

Plus now you are drumming up interest in people expanding the use cases of the steem blockchain!

Bagaimana cara saya bisa mengetahui bahwa sebuah site dapat di percaya . Sedangkan sekarang banyak site penipuan

Looks very interesting. You guys are doing a great job for expanding the use case for STEEM.

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