Probit x Steemhunt - First-ever STEEM Accepting IEO on MAR 22, 2019

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Our first IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) via IDCM is finally completed, and it reached 146.63%. We set a target of 3.75 million HUNTs (worth $75,000), but sold about 5.5 million HUNTs (worth approx $110K) far surpassing our target. This is a great sign proving that SMT (Smart Media Token) is an appealing project for external investors.

Screenshot 2019-03-18 15.24.34.png

2nd Round - Probit Exchange, the First-ever STEEM Accepted IEO, MAR 22nd, 2019, Friday

Our IEO journey will continue via Probit Exchange, which will become the first-ever IEO to accept STEEM as a currency. Please check out the 2nd round details below.

Sales Page -

  • Date: March 22nd, 2019, 12:00 KST - March 26th, 2019, 23:59 KST
  • Total Amount: 7,500,000 HUNTs
  • Sales Price: 0.02 USD per HUNT
  • Participating Currencies: STEEM, BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, PROB
  • Bonus Rate: 15% / 20% with PROB

We believe that achieving this IEO successfully will encourage other DApp run IEOs to accept STEEM. If this is successful, other Steem DApps can take a similar track, which will increase the demand for STEEM.

You Get 1% of Your Friend’s Purchase


We are running an interesting referral program for our IEO collaborating with the Probit exchange. You will get 1% of your friend’s purchase when you refer him/her to sign-up to the Probit exchange. For example, if your referred friend purchases 100,000 HUNTs via the Probit IEO, you will get 1,000 bonus HUNTs. You can refer as many people as you want.

Screenshot 2019-03-16 17.10.48.png

Additionally, you will get 10-20% of the trading fee that your friends spend when they trade on Please check out the page below for more details about how to refer others to

Top & First 30 Buyers - 300,000 HUNT ($6,000) up for grabs!


We will run an exciting event for the top buyers and the first 30 buyers with a total of 300,000 HUNT tokens (worth $6,000). Please check out the details below:

1. Top buyers: Total 150,000 HUNT / (5 people)

The top five people who purchase the most amount of HUNT tokens will be granted the following.

  • 1st place (1 person) : 50,000 HUNT (worth $1,000)
  • 2nd place (1 person) : 40,000 HUNT (worth $800)
  • 3rd place (1 person) : 30,000 HUNT (worth $600)
  • 4th place (1 person) : 20,000 HUNT (worth $400)
  • 5th place (1 person) : 10,000 HUNT (worth $200)

2. First 30 buyers: Total 150,000 HUNT / (30 people)

The first 30 people who purchase over $300 will receive an added bonus of 5,000 HUNT (worth $100).

Please read more about this event here -

Finish KYC in-advance

Screenshot 2019-03-18 15.27.58.png

Please complete the KYC process via the in-advance in order to grab the first 30 buyers bonus. It may take time to process your KYC request, so we recommend you complete the process before our sales begin.

Probit IEO Page -

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this looks interesting ;)

I would like to know what percentage of tokens did the external investors buy?


We don't have the exact data, but I think more than 90% of investment came from the outside the Steem community.


Hope they'll hodl it. Do you guys plan on having some withdraw period simular to power down?


We will have a daily withdrawal limit on on our off-chain HUNT wallet (bounty tokens).


That's cool, looking forward to next IEO results since you nailed the first one. 👍


That's very good and encouraging.


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a friend here has always chirped about this to me
but have never given it a try!
curious much now

The Hunt token economy is growing by the day! I can't wait for ReviewHunt!!!!


Thanks a million for your continuous contribution to the Hunt and STEEM economy dude

I want to buy this token,How many people have received this token?

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We have about 10,000 users received HUNT tokens as a bounty,
and we expect thousands more investors buy tokens via this IEO events.

Steemhunt is one of the very few projects with real use cases. Sky is our limit! Go steemhun
Very nice of beautifully.

This is Amazing, I miss the sale 😢


Hope you can participate the second round :) It starts in 20 hours now.

super cool and incredible success, really cemented the steemhunt team for the first successful IEO that started from the steem blockchain, super awesome! forward motion we go!



This is how it often starts, before you know it, #hunt had rocked the sky and #Steem will become inestimable treasure!

This is massive progress for all of us and I must commend your efforts @steemhunt team!

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This is what to do, and sh know to do! Excellent👍

Thanks for the information. Steemhunt is one of the very few projects with real use cases. Sky is our limit! Go steemhun

wow this is very great.. more power steemhunt

Excellent that Probit Exchange accept our currency.

Thanks so much for the information!

very good project

Super cool, manito arriba... GREAT WORK

I like this information from steemit ...

Que interesante brooo

Friend thanks you for the information that you gave me thanks to them I will be able to get rich with several thousand Hunts because I have a few people who would like to register

I am so curious about cryptocurrency and thanks to this post I've got a new Idea. Untill now I'm still learning and searching about it.

I love your post. best opportunity fo everyone.

amazing work so far

Congratulations @steemhunt!
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Really it's awesome blockchain platform.
Very nice post Brother . I love your post..

Congrats to steemhunt and the team behind

Good opportunity fo everyone. Thanks for this post.


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really cool post. i agree about all you have whrite

thank you very much for the post friend ☺


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Very nice post with the full information of steam users

Gonna check it out ;)

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Exploring steem world @ right and glory way
Another right step to make steemians success esay

Come on!Thank you for your posting.

loving information

the first successful IEO that started from the steem blockchain, super awesome, and i think you can achape that, good luck

good job!

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omg thanks brother



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Thanks for your information. Looking interesting...

Yay! This sounds awesome!

hola excelente dame tu voto gracias

buen trabajo amigo

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what is this

Looking Interesting Waiting For Date Lets Come....

Congratulations on the IEO!

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