Introducing Market-Price-Pegged HUNT Bounty Program

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Today, we are introducing the new way of distributing the HUNT Bounty Program by connecting the bounty amount to the market value. This new system will be initiated from April 8th, 2019 (KST).


HUNT Token Ecosystem Bounty Program was initiated on May 22nd, 2018 with the aim of creating a token utility in advance of the issuance of regular SMT (Smart Media Token) version. This bounty program has already been running for a year with a variety of categories that are directly linked with enhancing the value of the platform.

You can check out the current status in the token distribution section via the HUNT Platform website -

So far the amount of HUNT bounties in each category was set by us because there wasn’t any established set market value. However, the market price will be formed when we list our token in Daybit (which will be happening very soon). In the meantime, we decided to change the bounty amounts in each category pegged by the market value.

Spec Changes for Categories


So far there are 4 main categories in the bounty program, and we will set the HUNT amount based on the market price as below (these specs can be changed when it requires a re-balance):

  1. Sponsors who delegate Steem Power: Get 20% yearly INTEREST (mixed with STEEM/SBD plus HUNT tokens) to your delegation support. In other words, you will get 20% worth of yearly return on your delegations by combinations of STEEM, SBD and HUNT tokens. We believe that this can be a profitable investment compared to the bid bot’s interest rate (approx. 18% on average).

  2. Voters of hunt posts and comments: Get 30% worth of HUNT token paybacks for your STU (Steem Token Unit) contributions. For example, you will get 0.3 STU worth of HUNT tokens when you upvote 1 STU amount.

  3. Boost HUNT: The conversion rate for the hunter reward from your hunt post will be set by the current market price of HUNT token.

  4. Social share, Shuffle button lottery, Chrome Extension rewards, Contribution rewards: The current amount now is set for the IEO price (0.02 USD per HUNT), and will increase/decrease proportionally by the market price. For example, if your social share reward was 10 HUNT when the price of HUNT token is $0.02, it can be 5 HUNT when it rises up to the $0.04 (so the same fiat value is maintained).

This new system will be applied from April 8th, 2019 (Monday).


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keeping it moving. super cool ;)

You definitely know what you're doing. Amazing team!

Hunt Making real progress.

I keep drinking enough water knowing i am spending my time with a good project...hunters can relate

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

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Great! thank you for the update.

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These are real business opportunities! Thanks for coming up with beautiful ideas always @steemhunt.

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I love it.

This does a really good service by bringing attention to new Steem projects that Steemians like, thank you @steemhunt.

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Glad to know it.
Keep it up.

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I notice you can actually deposit hunt tokens on IDCM now. Does this mean they are currently tradeable please?

Wonderful iniative. April 8th is almost here. Waiting in anticipation

Excellent news. Delegated, upvoted, resteemed

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OK..ok ... I want see how it start work soon :)

I must say, "These are the necessary steps for the value of HUNT token and anyone, who has some reasonable amount of HUNT tokens would agree with it." ... I am proud to be a part of this wonderful platform and amazing community.