HUNT Token IEO and Listing via Exchanges Will Begin (10% Bonus Chance for Steemians)

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Today, we are thrilled to introduce our plan to launch the HUNT token via an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). We will run the IEOs via three exchanges during March 2019, and start to list HUNT token in Daybit right after the IEOs are all finished.

What is IEO?

The IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is now considered a better alternative to the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). IEO relies on running the necessary token funding process via exchange so that the project can save much time and resources dealing with the sales contract, KYC, and heavy marketing.

What is HUNT Platform?

HUNT Platform is designed as a home for product early-adopters who have exceptional knowledge and passion for cool new products. Our token economy for product enthusiasts, which was tested for one year, will provide a blockchain-powered product launching platform for tech makers.

The goal of HUNT platform is to create a decentralised ecosystem by providing dapps and 3rd-party services that enable product makers to utilise the power of product lovers. It has three layers that form the complete ecosystem:

  1. Community layer - the ad-free, self-sustainable Steemhunt community which works as a base layer for our platform
  2. DApps and 3rd-party layer - connecting early-adopters and makers that provide a value-to-token interchangeable ecosystem by Reviewhunt and Ideahunt
  3. Makers/companies layer - tech makers that need to utilise the power of early-adopters for the successful launch of their product

Please check our token website, whitepaper, and pitch deck.

IEO and Listing HUNT Token

We have been discussing with several exchanges to run the IEOs, and have confirmed to proceed with two exchanges, and we are discussing a third deal. Our IEOs will begin around the second week of March, 2019 and run for three weeks via three different exchanges. After finishing the IEOs, HUNT token will be listed in Daybit exchange at first, and will continue to list other exchanges depending on the trading volumes. The exchange information will be announced within a few days as soon as our contract has been signed.

IEO Details

Total Token Supply500,000,000 HUNT
Total Sales Allocation50,000,000 HUNT (10% of total tokens)
IEO Round1st Round) 11-15 MAR
2nd Round) 18-22 MAR
3rd Round) 25-29 MAR
Sales Price0.02 USD per token
Hard Cap1,000,000 USD

10% Bonus Chance for Steemians Only

In order to estimate the sales amount and provide additional bonus for Steemians, we are running a survey event that shows how you plan to participate in the HUNT token IEO. We will send 10% bonus tokens to survey participants who purchase tokens via the IEO. This will be an ADDITIONAL bonus to the set bonus rate in the exchange itself.

This event will be run for 3 days only (from today to Feb 27th, 2019 KST). The form URL will be expire when the event is over.

Pre-commit of HUNT token IEO participations

  1. Please commit your plan to participate in the HUNT token IEO via this form -
  2. Participate in the IEO
  3. Send the video recording of your proof of the token purchase via our email: [email protected] (we will inform the participants of how to generate the proof via their emails later).
  4. We will send the 10% bonus tokens to your Steemhunt wallet as soon as we have verified your purchase information.

This 10% bonus event is only for the Steem users. If you don’t have a valid Steem account, you won’t be able to receive the 10% bonus tokens.

This event will be run for 3 days only (from today to Feb 27th, 2019 KST). The form URL will be expired since then.

Exchange information will be disclosed within a few days

We will announce the details of each round of IEOs including the exchange’s sales page as soon as we finalise the signing of our contract. Please stay tuned!


Connect with Steemhunt:
Discord | Telegram | Twitter

Delegate Steem Power and Get HUNT Tokens:
500 SP |1000 SP |5000 SP |10K SP |20K SP |50K SP |100K SP

Please vote for Steemhunt - a witness which will take Steem blockchain to the next level in company-wide value stream and scalable user experience (learn more).


which exchange are you planning to list this?

The current plan is to start with Daybit as partner to list HUNT tokens.

After finishing the IEOs, HUNT token will be listed in Daybit exchange at first,

We will start to list in Daybit ( first, and expand more exchanges one by one.

So, what will be the price when you list it in April after IEO?

Listing price will be same as the IEO price.

We congratulate @steemhunt for the upcoming IEO and We'll be proud to track HUNT Token price on once the IEO isunderway.

Thanks so much for your support! We are very excited for our collaboration coming soon :)

I can't wait until Steemhunt has a market cap!

@steemhunt Team, Do we have any option to buy hunt Tokens through Steem? Waiting for your response team. Keep up and stay blessed.

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We are trying those exchanges to accept STEEM to buy the HUNT tokens. But it's heavily dependent on the exchange's decision.

Can understand that. Let's hope for the best and if Steem is added then definitely more and more users can participate in this IEO. Thank you so much for your kind and prompt response. Stay blessed.

It's not fully decided yet, but I'd say 1 or 2 exchanges will accept STEEM for IEO (Few exchanges have already committed to develop their STEEM wallet for us).

@tabris, This sounds like great news for sure because in this way more Steemians will going to participate because it's an Flexible option. Thank you so much for your kind update. Stay blessed.

Stupid question :
sometime back you guys did an airdrop based on SP ...are those the same tokens as these ?

Yes, it is still the same HUNT token :)

When was that airdrop? How can we see our balances?

Great news....wishing a great success ahead :)

Interesting project. Following your progress. One thing that all ICO and SMT project owners/operators have to disclose to their potential token buyers/investors is what kind of tokenomics are going to be in place in order for the token to appreciate in value and what utility factors will make the said token be perceived as valuable in the eyes of users.

Grand ideas are nice, but at the end of the day, the token buyer/crypto investor is looking for projects that answer their "What's in it for me?" question.

I personally do see value in your project and like the idea of being able to popularize new and avantgarde technologies and products to the masses, but please provide us some information as to the incentives for investors and token users (potential) to buy the tokens.

Hi, the economy is explained in detail in the whitepaper. A short and comprehensive summary can be found under the pitch deck. The core is divided into three pillars, Steemhunt as product hunting site, Review hunt as a marketing place for brands and makers to find influencers and Ideahunt, which would be a product crowdfunding targeted directly to the main user base. Hope that helps. :)

That's great to see. Hope it is successful to grow the platform.

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wow, exciting guys! :) best of luck.

And when will we actually be able to SELL out tokens, dear steemhunt?

As mentioned in the post, it is planned to list HUNT tokens on Daybit after the last IEO cycle.

After finishing the IEOs, HUNT token will be listed in Daybit exchange at first

Amazing Post!!

At present, we can notice the rise of a new phenomenon, which has gripped the tech world and is changing the way in which startups raise capital, shifting away from initial crowd offerings (ICO), a new approach Initial Exchange Offering ( IEO) came as a hot trend of 2019

We have been waiting for these days for several months.

muy buena publicacion toma tu voto te los mereces

You make it real team... And it's really good news for us

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Nice! We will have HUNT tokens soon!

Good Luck and all the Best on the Offering @steemhunt

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Es interesante porque no comprendo mucho lo que dice en post GG.

great new

This is quite impressive. Steemhunt is doing great

It good

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Great Job, Eagerly waitting for it 💜

Amazing guys and best of luck during the IEO

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Good news for all hunters.. Good luck guys

Good news, I hope soon everything will change for the better.

Keep up the good work guys,,excited.

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Looks like good news! Thank you for supporting Steemit community. I resteemed this article.

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it reads interesting

I wish the team great success in getting this done as it seems to be a lot of work happening in the background.

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will be looking forward for more information.. excited for this!

tremendous ♥ steemhunt is king of steem

You guys are doing an amazing job!

Suena interesante. De que trata?

@Steemhunt Everyone excited to know the value...

Thanks for sharing it!

Way to go champs. This is great news.

this is very promising, this will power up crypto users with very sustainable service and products.

Can I purchase this using real money or I need to use BTC?

You gotta use cryptos to purchase.

real money
BTC is real money 😝

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Really funny, I agree and laugh with you! 😂🤗

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That's great news guys!

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I hope it will listed on binance

How can I earn from this?

Ok, des performances extraordinaires. Je crois à cette évolution qui peut conquérir le vrai coin.

Je présume que le prix sera intéressant, bravo.

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It's good to hear

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It is pretty cool.

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Good initiative. I will search more deeply the project.

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how to claim the airdrop?

is there a date of listing that has been finalized?

is this still on?

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