If you have earned any they are still in your wallet over there but i think that was the original plan and then become an SMT which may never happen. Things are very unclear in my opinion.

It is indeed at the moment a ERC-20 token. The IEO for HUNT has been placed already in march 2019, which means that the preparation for a listing on a centralized exchange has already started end of 2018. The whole project, as a lot of other projects, were meant as SMT projects to launch it as Smart Media Tokens with token inflation and POB.

As many of the current Steemians that are still on this platform know we still don't have SMT running and we may see a light version in a few months.

so i can withdrawal those HUNT to exchange or not ?

You can withdrawal your HUNT tokens from the internal offchain wallet.
Please refer to this posting.

and to exchange?

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