How many Big Macs is my social media post worth? - Meet the Social Media Big Mac Index Calculator

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Have you ever wondered how much your social media channels are worth? Influencer marketing is a big topic, but we don’t know the actual value of one piece of content from our social accounts. We invented a cool tool to help you figure that out.

Meet the Social Media Big Mac Index Calculator

With this calculator you can check how many Big Mac burgers you can purchase with one piece of content from your social media account such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Twitch, and ….. Steemit!!!

Check out your post worth now -
Demo video:

You don’t need to sign-up to check the information. You can simply calculate the Social Media Big Mac Index of any social media channels by putting the profile URL. Let us show some examples below.

@ned can buy 24 Big Macs from his one Steemit post😎

Dan’s Twitter is worth just 12 Big Macs...😝

Donald Trump can buy 11,013 Big Macs from his one Twitter post 😲
If he eats only Big Macs for his breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he can survive for 10 years from one Twitter post!

Isn’t this calculator fun? Then, check out the value of yours, your friends’ and any other social media accounts that you’re interested in.

Social Media Big Mac Index Calculator -

Logics Behind

This simple looking calculator actually measures a variety of factors. The following metrics show how we determine the value of your one post in a simplified way.

  1. We measure the engagement rate based on your previous posts rather than focusing on just the size of the channel. In other words, we calculate how much your followers respond to your content on average (likes, shares, views, comments, saves, etc).
  2. We have researched the engagement rate across the channels and created our own algorithm to assess the value of each post in different channels.
  3. This data is constantly updated and continuously improving as we get more data from Hunters activities.
  4. We also developed an algorithm to detect fake engagement, so we are trying to only count the worth of real, active followers on each account.

Enjoy discovering your worth across your channels and don’t forget to share with all your friends!

Social Media Big Mac Index Calculator -

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Look like fun calculating. Resteemed

Thank you this is really nice I have always wondered how much my channels might be worth now that I know it makes me want to work a little harder on my channels awesome hunt!

nobody else has a open calculator like this, sure you can get some 'playbook' stuff but steemhunt/reviewhunt is the first as far as i know to do this and that's massive for brands to be able to get a rough idea of the worth of an account, i certainly think this will help us bring companies in -- what an incredible addition. pumped!

Thanks much!


Such a nice way to know the worth of your post.Let's hope one day platform will offer real big mac against your post. If it happens, it will be great for people who are striving of food.Resteemed

Any chance that you could make the post you link to Twitter or Facebook include the image with the stats rather than a generic picture of the big mac? Think it will get a lot more attention by those who see it (I know my friends would wonder where the hell I have that many followers and get that many likes :P).

Also, the text in the link for me read "fredrikaa's Steem content is worth 27$", where 27$ is my average earnings. Yet this sounds more like it is my total earnings from Steem, which is not nearly as impressive.

Otherwise I love the idea, this was one of the first things in a long time that I've seen on Steem that I wanted to share to my Facebook and Twitter etc. But I deleted it after I noticed the picture and text link.

Yeah we initially tried to make it that way (the og:image can be replaced by the result image), but we have limited resources at this time because of running Reviewhunt and this was just for fun, so we didn't add that on this version. We may improve the calculator soon to make it more shareable. Thanks for your advice.

It's definately not worth such a huge chunk from the reward pool :(

Mh, only two big macs here :(

Site doesn't seem to work on firefox.

The box where I am supposed to enter my username into doesn't allow to write anything

we're checking on that issue now. thanks.

fixed the issue now

Thanks, works fine now :)

Its an interesting project for sure, im having fun with review hunt, keep it up 💪😀👍

This is cool!
$5.70 per post!

Posted using Partiko Android

Good job 👍

Cool! Now make one for Shoes and Makeup for some of the ladies! This is kinda brilliant!

This post has been resteemed!
Good luck!

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Can I have another burger please I am not a fan of the big mac ;)

looks amazing calculator to check your social media income per post
thanks for sharing with us
great tool..

Congratulations @steemhunt!
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Thanks for the post.

that's interesting i think

Cool :)

Nice info! I will try this :)

LOL i'll gladly take my two big macs per post and go on living a happy life

It was so cool :)

You can get another bunch! LOL

Big mac at its finest!

Oh this looks like some fun, I am going to see how many Big Macs I have!

Posted using Partiko iOS

i freaking love this! so great! :)

Awesome App, very funny!

This is pretty fun. My posts are worth 6 BigMacs I guess! Thanks...