Daily Top 10 Hunts on Steemhunt ( 6 Aug 2019)

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Hello hunters!

Yesterday, there were 141 products, and $183.74 SBD hunter’s rewards were generated.

Top 10 Hunts on 6 Aug 2019

Take a look at the top 10 hunted products yesterday for your daily dose of inspiration 😎


Next Gen 8kW Mobile Solar Power Generator

@moeenali · 56 votes and 22 comments
HUNT Score: 344.71 (Pending payout: $2.26 SBD)

2. T4 Transforming Solar Kit

Kit for children of solar powered robots

@deepcora · 46 votes and 23 comments
HUNT Score: 252.5 (Pending payout: $0.63 SBD)

3. Nutrilon baby VR

Immersive experience of baby's growth

@gentleshaid · 47 votes and 20 comments
HUNT Score: 245.56 (Pending payout: $3.23 SBD)

4. Hajj, Umrah, and Ziyarat

A guidance app for the Haj pilgrims of the world

@ajjuboom · 48 votes and 19 comments
HUNT Score: 244.38 (Pending payout: $0.62 SBD)

5. Spinwheel

Get out of your student loan debt early

@geekgirl · 39 votes and 12 comments
HUNT Score: 204.39 (Pending payout: $5.36 SBD)

6. Better Than Chess

Virtual Strategy Game

@holovision · 33 votes and 6 comments
HUNT Score: 165.97 (Pending payout: $6.06 SBD)

7. MiraScreen X10

Game controller that projects mobile games on a large screen

@onyechi · 33 votes and 8 comments
HUNT Score: 165.27 (Pending payout: $0.44 SBD)

8. Vrscans

1000+ photoreal materials for your 3D projects

@chimzycash · 27 votes and 4 comments
HUNT Score: 160.42 (Pending payout: $1.58 SBD)

9. Knitting Skeletons

MIT AI System for Designing & Manufacturing Knitted Garments

@rjoshicool · 29 votes and 8 comments
HUNT Score: 158.41 (Pending payout: $2.34 SBD)

10. Dot It Up

Create personalized dot marker sheets for your kids

@celinavisaez · 23 votes and 3 comments
HUNT Score: 146.96 (Pending payout: $1.47 SBD)

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