Betarian - Buy Ethereum With Paypal, Instantly

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Buy Ethereum With Paypal, Instantly



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What is it all about?
Betarian - It is a cryptocurrency that allows you to purchase ethereum coin with PayPal faster and convenient. With your PayPal fund you can also buy other cryptocurrency.
It also combines buyers and sellers together where they can meet and exchange currencies.

Yes it is, Betarian uses an offline storage that provides important security measure against theft or loss. It also offer a 2-factor authentication. while keeping you anonymous it unlocks users experience.

My Opinion
Before betarian there was no where you could sell ethereum for PayPal payment but with betarian you can. it is easy and simply convenient.



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Great hunt

  • easily purchase from a big name company like paypal
  • Allows everyone with a connected bank account access to crypto

-Paypal has high fees, they take a big cut

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I really like their site, looks trustworthy.
I can't find the fee information on their website though.. I saw few other solutions you can buy crypto with credit cards or Paypal, but the fee was like over 10% - 20%. I wonder what they offer.

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