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RE: Community Poll - Blacklist Policy

in #steemhunt2 years ago

Even if you are blacklisted, you can still use our platform (posting, upvoting, and commenting), however, you won't be able to get upvoted nor received airdrops by Steemhunt.

However MY already received (and claimed over multiple days) airdrops are blacklisted from withdrawing. This is different.

I am OK with not receiving any further airdrops per your blacklist, however I am not OK with keeping the tokens I already received in the past 3 years, suddenly being frozen.

FROZEN. not blacklisted.



What is your next step since you are not OK with it? Asking for the lulz.

Judging from past actions perhaps a fork is to be expected. 😆

I'm quite surprised about finding you here, of all places, being sarcastic.
But, then, I'm also here commenting.

Just to say, hasn't steem become very corrupted?

Just biding my time until my accounts have powered down totally. The sarcasm is probably coming from my utter disappointment of the fork fiasco. My time on Hive is not too much more than weekly. That visit is normally to trade the Hive that has powered down that week for BTC. Hanging on to the powered down STEEM to see what happens with atomic swaps.

Both STEEM and HIVE has proven, in my opinion, that their respected DPoS Governance is corrupted. On STEEM by Mr. Sun and on HIVE by the V.22.2 Cabal.

Does this look like what decentralization looks like to you?


'Unfortunately' there are always people behind projects ;)
About Hive, it's too early to say what position the 'makers' will take.
But I think greed is definately one motivator that Sun and Hive witnesses share.

Having the choice of the lesser evil, I chose to stick with the less coroporate feeling...

I chose to stick with the less coroporate feeling...

That seems the sensible choice in a binary option. My choice is to consider the present experiment(s) with DPoS Governance a failure and continue with powering down my accounts on both chains.

That might be a wise decision!

You didn't seem to mind freezing Justin Suns accounts?
You didn't mind cutting other people out of the HF ?
You didn't mind plundering other peoples accounts?
You didn't mind deliberately preventing a peaceful resolution!
You didn't mind when themarkymark and berniesanders were creating fake flag wars with two of berines alt accounts?
You didn't mind when markymark altered a screenshot taken from steemworld to dupe everyone into believing that that bernies alt account haiejin was taking 2% when it was actually 0.2% of the reward pool?
You didn't mind when I called them out on their fraud and they destroyed my accounts?
You didn't mind when Bernie was spamming dozens of abusive comments every day?
You didn't mind when he was upvoting himself?
You didn't mind when they went back to the fraudulent post and changed the screenshot in an attempt to hide their fraud?
You didn't mind when they were destroying other peoples accounts for sport ?

No you were happy to turn a blind eye to when they changed the rules to enrich themselves and fucked the platform for everyone including themselves and you?

The method of applying blacklist has been the same since the beginning of the project.
Once a user got blacklisted, the user cannot access to the airdropped tokens including the tokens they previously received on their internal HUNT wallet (This was one of the reasons we set the daily withdrawal limit).

So basically, what you are saying. You like to steal from people's wallets, sort of what you are doing as a top 20 witness with Steem tokens.


I remember that is what you've been doing for ages @themarkymark (or @buildawhale , dam how many accounts do you use) - stealing reward pool from people with bunch of alts and bid-bot businesses.

Been stealing funds from people's wallets? Oh please show the transaction ids.

Lol aka SteemHunt is a scam project and no one should ever buy their shit tokens. That was obvious from day one anyway.