Math Cash - Solve Math and Earn Rewards!

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Math Cash

Solve Math and Earn Rewards!



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Hunter's comment

If you enjoy math you can use this app to earn some quick cash by solving easy math problems. You can take part on quizes and can defeat other people globally.
If you are not that fast just solve solo and earn points.
You can redeem the points in to PayPal cash!


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Rewards always encourge people to be succeed. Recently many platforms or apps use this method. I think it is so good method for be useful. So you can both get educated and get some rewards. Good idea!!

I also think this is a good method to involve more students or others in Productive thing.
Thanks for your attention.

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Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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Thanks for the approval.

Wow..this is really will be great I will definitely try it.
Amazing one..
Thanks for sharing this cool hunt..Keep it up..

Thanks for your nice words.

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It's an app that can be rewarded if you solve a math problems. Mathematics is one of the most important basic disciplines in many disciplines. Therefore, it is important to ensure that learners do not lose interest in studying math. With this app, math lovers can solve problems and get rewards, so I think they will study harder. Thanks for hunting good apps.

You got it very correct. It can be an alternative for game addiction.
Thanks for your attention.

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oww, excellent thingking.
It makes our brain sharp and keep active.
Good hunt@rem-steem
Keep up your good job

Thanks for your nice words. 👍

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I never had a problem with math. A younger me would have loved to discover this app. Now I think STEEM gives the best rewards (especially considering the potential price increases) But a little bit of money thrown in is a great way to get some kids interested. I'd love to see a similar kind of game on STEEM. Math games are not as hard as making something like @steemmonsters But they can stimulate the brain much more.Thanks for the Hunt. It's really good one!

There is no comparison with steem rewards with anything else I think. This is just a fun game, mainly for kids/students. They can improve their ability on solving math and earn some pocket money easily.
Thanks for your attention.

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It is really good app where math is my speciality. The fastest one to solve will win and earn some money. I have hunted this already few weeks ago but got delist because of games in google play but how did you got approved😂

I was a bit confused if I will get the approval. 😊 But I think that you can not only consider it as game. It's much more than that.
Thanks for your attention. 😊

What's the first I check when I know about the app that give reward for the users is about review. And it's amazing app, math? Sometimes I hate but sometimes I like it.

Solving simple math and earn's really interesting, and I want try it soon...

Though the rewards are not much but you can redeem them easily. It's great for kids to earn some poket money while doing something meaningful.

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lovely super awesome application for math lovers and yep giving answers on runtime quickly would be the great challenge. At least you will come to know how brilliant and fast you are :p amazing aspect is you can earn cash while playing indeed cool :)

People who can do addition, subtraction easily can surely try this. The problem they give is very simple. It's just for fun and distracting kids from other game addiction.

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Oh My Gosh! It's an insane app to earn an extra few bucks by solving super easy math problems. I liked the math subject since my childhood. I think I can earn from this app if I can solve.

Is there any limit that you can solve 10 questions each day ONLY? Btw, you have hunted a cool app. Nice Hunting!

In solo mode they are saying that you can solve as much as you can, no limit. Though I didn't try it yet.
Thanks for your attention.

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