tata - Decentralised social app with +10 million users

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Decentralised social app with +10 million users



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Tata is a decentralised social app like Instagram on top of TTC Blockchain. This app was originally tataUFO, one of the largest social apps in China (probably the most popular social app for younger generation), and has migrated to the TTC blockchain with its over 10 million active users.

The voting/earning reward system is somewhat similar with Steem, but there are many advanced features focused on non-crypto users as well as avoiding abusing attempts.

One more, this app will run Reviewhunt campaign in two days!

iPhone - https://apps.apple.com/kr/app/tata-decentralized-social-app/id1146688665?l=en
Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tata.tataufo
Website - http://www.tataufo.com/




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this sounds seriously cool! 10m users is a lot. wondering how the go-crypto-rewards will evolve the network. hopefully enough measures implemented to keep abusive behaviour to acceptable levels.

We've known for a while that they are going to run a campaign but no one put it on sh! 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Can't wait to participate.

China's internet is very secluded from the rest of the world and the country is rapidly developing (in some draconian ways) They have a great advantage against STEEM thanks to the existing user base. But coming from China, I do't think it will be as decentralized and censorship resistant as STEEM.

The UI/UX is excellent for a younger audience and APPICs will have to work really hard if it ever wants to be a thing. At least Hunters will earn some tokens from Reviewhunt :-)

This is pretty cool. I will look into it more. I don't see a web app. It seems currently it only has native apps? I think the web app for it would be a good addition. Maybe will come in the future.

Amazed to see the decentralized app with 10 million active user and still unknown for many blockchain user. This reveals the popularity of blockchain. I would love to use this app. Web app of Tata will make it more popular. Nice hunt

Awesome! I've seen the countdown for a while now and I'm just here wondering why it never occurred to me to hunt it. I will be downloading it right away to have a better experience when reviewing it on RH.

WoW looks like a good social mobile app going to download and install it on my device. Well this proves that blockchain as always solves problems on traditional ways. Excellent Search

Social media app and that too decentralised and huge userbase already. Great hunt and I am going to try it for sure.

I saw your review on googleplay page @project7
I think, they need fast customer service to reply some of critism.
I am downloading the app right now.

update, i already try it,,,
first, they dont allow 13 digit phone numbers (in my country there is 13 numbers too).
second, its a good platform and its not focusing just for money, but real engagements. Still dominated by chinese users, but i think the language is not become a barrier.

overall, its interesting app to try and to make more international friends.

Pretty cool I must say. While not an IOS user so might not be able to use it as of now but hope they brings up the version in for Android as well. Besides looking forward for the RH participation for this campaign .

Very nice the decentralized app would be awesome for blockchain. It seems a cool app for all social peoples. They can manage socialization

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Yeah! That's great platform and I think after doing campaign on ReviewHunt this Application will get boost in terms of user base and as it has already 10 millions+ User base which is really awesome for decentralized applications.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

I have heard of it and am considering joining it. But to grow fully it needs a web app.
Great Hunt!!!

China is gradually taking over the tech world with innovative ideas on a consistent basis.

This is great

I got to know about it in reviewhunt as its an upcoming campaign. This decentralised social app have 10m users and its awesome. Excited for the participation.


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Super excited for the reviewhunt campaign! (:

holy shit. exciting! :) great pick!

This is a really good decentralized social media platform, ive rad about it but i havent tried it yet nice hunt

Nice this is really interesting, I've heard really good news about this social media platform and now it's going to be running a reviewhunt!! Awesome. It should bring us some adoption here too :)) Nice hunt!!


Really? 10 million user? For China market only.

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Interesting hunt @project7! I have never heard of Tata before and I never heard of the TTC Blockchain either. It would be great to see them use STEEM instead! Regardless, it's cool to see decentralized social media popping up left and right. China definitely needs it! Cheers and happy hunting

Looks excellent! Hope I'll have possibility try it while ReviewHunt

Thank you for the share checked it out and I really like it!