Lactips - Finally, the green and clean 'plastic' we all needed!

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Finally, the green and clean 'plastic' we all needed!



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Believe it or not, our world is being so polluted by all the plastics. However, we can't simply eliminate plastics in our life because they are such a convenient yet cheap option for packaging, ranging from food to other products.

Well, it is not a problem anymore! A creative yet innovative team of professionals have came together and invented one incredible alternative for plastic - Lactips! Essentially, Lactips is made from milk protein. The choice of material allows it to be water soluble, biodegradable and even edible. I mean, how exciting is that! Judging from the ready-made products as well, we could know that Lactips is also capable of being printable for placement of advertisement or marketing material.

Honestly, Lactips could be used in so many industry fields and it offers so much potential as well. If you are interested, however, you would have to contact them yourself! Overall, it is still a truly cool product IMO!



Hunter: @plokmi

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great! But personally I didn't understand this - "water soluble". I'm not sure this is good. Also I'm interested to know how much energy the company use to produce it and what byproducts do we get after production? Anyhow, this is excellent hunt and thanks for sharing )

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In my country and I believe that also in many countries of the world have begun to put laws against plastic, since the environment is too contaminated. Lactips is an excellent alternative to plastic, it is ecological and therefore we are supporting to take care of the environment.

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I love the purpose of this project. How good it would be to reduce the large amount of plastic that is discarded by this more friendly alternative. It is a great environmental hunting ..

Now Congratulations, continue to bring the best of your searches to: @Steemhunt...!


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