Qaio - The Smarter Mirror That Can Do all Your Needs

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The Smarter Mirror That Can Do all Your Needs



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About Qaio Smart Mirrors

QAIO makes mirror games change, mirrors with basic reflection, supported by technology, can do many things in one mirror.

A mirror that can be a smart touchscreen that can broadcast weather reports, reminders, stocks, news etc., and display with 4K Ultra HD resolution.

There is a lot of technological support in QAIO which basically supports daily activities, more detailed information visit the official QAIO website.

Obviously, with this mirror, I might be longer in the bathroom, because there is too much business there ...
Owgh... the game has really changed.

See QAIO in action



Hunter: @olgiz247

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It would be great to this smart window for my needs. I watched the video and Qaio is amazing.

Great hunt @olgiz247!

That's one nice smart mirror, one day when it gets cheaper I'll have some.

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QAIO is really impressive, have you checked out their latest product, QAIO Flex? It's a new fitness mirror.