PurTrek - The climbing pole can purify bacteria-free water

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The climbing pole can purify bacteria-free water



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Hunter's comment


Starting from the idea of hiking which is sure to bring a climbing pole and also a water purifier, PurTrek combines the two into one carbon fiber climbing pole that can purify anti-bacterial water.


  • Minimalist design, lightweight, simple and smooth operation of the water pump in one pull.
  • Designed using lightweight carbon fiber to make the climbing pole light.
  • Using Hollow Fiber filtering technology that can filter almost 100% of bacteria, protozoa and microplastic.
  • The planned retail price is $ 179 at Kickstarter

My opinion

This PurTrek innovation product is very useful and effective, the need for clean water free of bacteria does not need to bring a lot of other equipment anymore and this is great, making it easier to climb.




Hunter: @olgiz247


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Wow, that's pretty clever. Beats having to carry around another purification method!


Yes, a brilliant idea I think

You know, many people die every year in the world, only to drink unhygienic water. It's great news for us that we can easily drink antibacterial free water by this instruments. Its excellent hunt.


A great idea can be used for the primary needs, it seems that it can be tried @hafizullah

It's no doubt a clever concept and might work great. I haven't test such products yet but they caught my eye as an interesting evolution in gear. The price is around $100 and to me it seems like a fair price for a potentially solid product.


It's the same thing when I found this product, they have a great idea about this product.
By the way, thank you for your good feedback @bbomber

Perfect for the outdoor lover, as long as the source of water is clean and not full of mud :D Cool hunt.


OMG, mud @iqbaladan, to purify contaminated water may need more than this tool... LOL


LOL, Indeed....!

It is a perfect product if you like trekking, camping like me. Bacteria and viruses may be dangerous when you are outdoor. Great hunt.


Indeed, Thanks @michaeli :)

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Thank u mod @monajam :)

Two in one product. Always good ones. This will be very useful for hikers. The minimalist design is also a pro.


Yes @dalz and thank u :)

This is great for saving space because now you don't need a water purifier in your backpack. You're carrying inside your climbing pole. Smart thinking.

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Clean water is a basic necessity in our daily lives, using this device can ensure clean water is always available.

Awesome Hunt!


Indeed, at least for drinking, it doesn't have to be complicated to cook it first @hornblende :)


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I'm a big fan of multi-tasking tools. Innovating a climbing pole to double as a water filter that can purify water from streams so it can be safe to drink will help a lot of climbers.


Right @cryptocopy, more practice makes it easier to do others.