LumiLor - This paint lights up by reacting to an electric charge

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This paint lights up by reacting to an electric charge



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In everyday life there are many traffic accidents due to the lack of light at late hours of the night. Today I will show you something that will prevent these accidents on a large scale and apart from that looks very cool. Today I bring you...


LumiLor is a high-tech paint that has been developed throughout this year. LumiLor allows you to paint anything and illuminate everything you paint. LumiLor gives off electricity, which allows it to be controlled by various devices.

You can change the color, you can give movement to the light, among other options. This you can do with your smarphone.

LumiLor is currently developed for use in cars. Since the light they give off is too much and are easy to see at night, avoiding accidents on a large scale. Despite this, this paint can also be used to give a lot of style to all sorts of things.



Hunter: @ninaflowers

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Hi @ninaflowers,

Thanks for your hunt. While I must admit that I am not entirely sure about how this product fits in Steemhunt’s product scope (posting guidelines section 2), I think it is cool nevertheless and I have approved it using “mod’s discretion”.

Note that this is not a reference case and other mods may think differently about this and delist similar products, which would be valid because of the posting guidelines.

The hunt is on.

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.

Wow my love. I'll take a heart and paint it with this painting and I'll give it to you hahaha, Great Hunt my love.

Tips to fix your hunt so it will be approved :face_palm:
choose one product from this link

i mean, you need to hunt product that we can buy. Lumilor is global, and has a lot of products. Nah, i save this hunt for the next week, but you tried to use it, so i will give you the tips to fix it :thumbsup: :joy:

I've placed the link to the official website, so I've had them take a look at it. If you are looking for a little more, you can get to the place of purchase. I think the site I've added is fine. Thank you for commenting. ^^

btw,,, @ninaflowers

i already hunt it at 4 oct (but i don't fix it because of something), and i tried to fix your hunt because my previous hunt is lead to the war. so it's better to fix it, so there will be no appeal again, and just be approved :thumbsup:

That's really very classic and wonderful this paint lights up by reacting to an electric charge. We can pain anything by getting this one. Superb hunt

How cool!
I like the color of my car, but if this exist in transparent "color", i will make a try with it!

Just im afraid a bit, others may think, im a pimp or something :D

And please, you have to listen to @Calprut, he's a pretty pro hunter! ;)

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