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RE: Introducing Incentives for Steemhunt Sponsors

in #steemhunt3 years ago

I haven’t done anything with steemhunt yet but I’m super excited about this platform.

I love to see folks thinking outside of and building products with the steem blockchain.

I have plans to do the same. We can literally tie anything we already do online to steem. This is how we will get more members and adoption.


Hi @nikema, thanks for your comment. Yes we'd like to try many users outside of Steemit so that STEEM community can get grower. Let us know too when you develop STEEM-based app :)

I will, thanks 😀

Thank you :)
Yeah I also see a lot of potential that Steem blockchain has.
Steemhunt is just a small experiment for now, but who knows it can actually overtake PH :)

All the greats start small. I’m rooting for y’all

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