SHERMAN - Most Advance Desk Clock

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Most Advance Desk Clock



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Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest device.
I introduced an innovative mechanical watch called SHERMAN. Hours and minutes displayed on Sherman's chest. Its weight is 0.9 kilogram.
SHERMAN exists also in silver and golden color. His rubber caterpillar tracks are fully functional and, with a little help from a friend.
Sherman's heart barrel connect stretches out down to help his elastic caterpillar tracks, development spacers go about as shoulders for the arms, and his eyes are jolt heads supporting the controller.
Check out this video.

Gold-plated or gem-set with 477 high-quality VVS diamonds around the eyes, hour markers, and head. Sherman's mechanics are based on a L'Epée in-line eight-day movement.



Hunter: @muhammadhateeb

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Hi @muhammadhateeb,

Thanks for your hunt. If you want to hunt an analogue watch, that is fine I’m pretty much the MB&F specialist here, BUT...

You will have to explain a little bit more about why. What is about the watch that makes it “tech”/innovative.

Also, remove the use of headings. Headings have a semantical purpose and a site has a designed typography. Both need to be respected.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested edits. Make sure to edit on


I have updated my post. Now you can check it.


You need to explain what is innovative about it. Otherwise it’s just a watch stuck on a little “figure” and doesn’t fit our product guidelines.

But if you can explain why it’s so awesome... then you stand a good chance to see your hunt approved. Especially... since I’m the MB&F fan #1 here.


i have updated my post. Now you can check it.

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