CryptoSketches - Get Paid in Ethereum for your Artwork

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Get Paid in Ethereum for your Artwork


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Hunter's comment

CryptoSketches is an Ethereum blockchain dApp/site, where anyone can sell his/her digital artwork.

One of the great advantage of having your artwork on a blockchain is its getting an eternal life. Your art can neither be altered nor can be removed or destroyed in occurance of any unfortunate incident. Also, it is censorship free.

All you have to do is to download Metamask and install it, which is necessary for Ethereum dApp interface. Metamask is a web browser extension which also works as Ethereum wallet.


Once you get registered with CryptoSketches, you're free to use it. You can also use it on iPhone or Android with Trust wallet. Android download is available on site while for iPhone you can download it from App Store or Google Play


CryptoSketches is a transparent platform and its all pending and historic transactions can be viewed/monitored on


CryptoSketches source code on GitHub

Enjoy Sketching



Hunter: @mobi72

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It is great to see more and more use cases for crypto, this is just another example of that.

  • No middleman fees
  • Recorded on the blockchain, so it's there for good


  • The main problem I see with this is adoption, will people actually use it?

Overall, good hunt, I really like seeing more and more use cases for crypto

Thanks @mr-chuckles for your nice review.


  • a favorable application for the user

  • has his own artwork in blockchain

  • can use it on iPhone or Android with Trust wallet.


  • none

Thanks for your review @lover-steem.

Hi, @mobi72, Nice Hunt
Below is my review about your product.


  • Ability to produce immutable work that couldn't be censored by alteration or removal without compromising the entire blockchain.
  • Even if the site goes down users work is recorded into the Ethereum blockchain itself.
  • Sketches are also ERC-20 compatible tokens, so they can be tracked with wallets.
  • Ability to make some crypto on top of sketches.


  • There is nothing negative to say about this hunt.

Thanks @adnanrabbani.

It is nice to see your review on the hunt.

Cool hunt! First it is ethereum based, so the smart contract is open for everyone to read the contract. Next, they used standard library for Ethereum: ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

I guess hardest part for the product to gain popularity is the adoption of cryptocurrency for artist.

I am slowly getting to know the people with achievements on steem blockchain, If I'm not wrong you're one of them. Your comment is an honor for me Influencer @suproo7.
Others, who have written a comment on this hunt's page, would also be deserving of such comments and respect but I'm not aware of that yet, so please ignore my ignorance.

I am agreed hundred percent with your hundred percent words @suproo7.

Great Hunt!


Looks like a cool idea for artists to sell their work and also to provide with provable ownership if bought. On the other side the last activity (offering a picture for sale) on this site was more than 2 months ago.

Keep on the good work!

Interesting and encouraging pic. Thanks Influencer @elleok.

I have shared this hunt's page on CryptoSketches' discord channel. Hopefully, the maker will consider acting on all the valuable suggestions & comments which have been posted here.

I would rather stick to content based blockchain like steemit. Monetizing thru community supports and not just for selective group of artists. Good find tho.

I am not an artist myself, so I agree with you.

This is just a little effort to introduce a platform, with enormous potential, to the artists on steem blockchain for extra amount for their fine works, which could be extraordinary in future if maker of the site gets succeeded in giving it its deserving attention. This is also my effort helping out a good site/dapp among those who are better appreciator for such platforms.

Thanks Influencer @themanualbot for your appreciation for my effort.

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Nice hunt, This is great platform for those who like to art. Art reward by ethereum this is also good for us.

  • Its quiet interesting.
  • Have fun with great reward.
  • Limited tools.
  • No eraser tool only has undo tool.

Thanks @wowsima for the review. It's nice to have you on my hunt.

Click on the sheet, when you want to erase anything, it'll make eraser visible in the menu.
You'll find CryptoSketches fun to work with.


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wow very interesting. I am following you now, please follow me and check out my work

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