Tobii Pro Glasses 2 - World's Most Sophisticated Eye Tracking glasses

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Tobii Pro Glasses 2

World's Most Sophisticated Eye Tracking glasses







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Ever sit there wondering what people are really looking at when they look at something?

Maybe you're a researcher or science professional or maybe you're just curious to see where peoples' gazes are really going.

With Tobii Pro Glasses 2, you can quickly find out what your user is looking at. You don't need to be a pro to start gathering data, as anyone can do it, with the easy-to-use eye gaze tracking system and a sophisticated set of guided procedures and quick calibrations that do all the work for you. As the researcher, you can quickly and easily access the SD card, sync port and batteries from the recording unit.

Here are the main benefits:

The wearer of the glasses gets to move naturally, with maximum mobility because the classes are comfortable, unobtrusive and natural to wear. This ensures natural gaze behavior and you don't catch the user doing unnatural things to compensate for a bulky mechanism.

Unique 3d eye model plus 2 cameras per eye provides superb accuracy and precision with minimal gaze data loss. This technology also allows the researcher to track the eye movements of people with different eye colors and shapes.

Hardware can be customized for different uses, such as Medical. These customizations can include such things as helmet integrations or increased eye tracking technology.

Captures all the details of the environment using a full-HD scene camera.

Uses the largest field of view available on the market.

Advanced controller software
As you would expect, there is software integration which features data analysis, real-world mapping and an API.

You can see from the screenshots I took of the video:

  1. The woman wearing the glasses walks into a convenience store
  2. The researcher, using the tablet, is able to see what she is looking at before making her buy decision

This product is available now. Here is a list of multiple countries where you can purchase it from a reseller or dealer.



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