Stigo electric scooter - World's fastest folding electric scooter-bike

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Stigo electric scooter

World's fastest folding electric scooter-bike



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Hunter's comment

What can I say about the world's fastest* folding electric scooter-bike?

Easy, efficient and convenient, this scooter was designed for the urban commuter. The website shows a man dressed like an investment banker but with a carefully-disheveled haircut riding one. He is carrying a catalog-perfect leather briefcase, so we can assume he is going to work. He doesn't appear frazzled, so he must be on the way to work, not back from work. Or maybe his commute is so easy on the Stigo electric bike, that you can't even tell frazzle on him.

In another picture on the website, there is a woman wearing a long dress and heeled boots, who is also casually and easily riding this Stigo scooter, which suggests that this thing is easy enough to ride in a long dress and heels -- ordinarily a combination that is discouraged for riding anything with moving electric parts.

Key Features

Folds in only 2 seconds

Pull it like a hand luggage

Because it has trolly wheels.
Only 31 lbs, which is a pullable weight, especially as the website shows a woman who is wearing heels and effortlessly pulling her Stigo along behind her. On a stone path, no less. (I guess this is a European cultural thing because when I was in Italy, I saw women wearing stiletto heels walking on cobblestone and 18th century roads.) When folded, it does look a bit like a vaccuum cleaner though.

Speeds up to 16 mph

Range up to 25 miles

This bike is available in 20+ countries.

*Actually, it's unclear to me what the "fastest" is referring to. At first I thought it was referring to the bike speed, but seeing that it goes up to only 16mph, I doubt this is the highest speed (safely) attainable by an electric bike, so I can only assume that "fastest" is an adjective modifying the verb "folding", meaning it is the fastest-folding e-scooter, as opposed to the fast, folding e-scooter? #grammar



Hunter: @meditateonthat

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Awesome Hunt @meditateonthat

Pros / Cons


  • Easy and Efficient. It's very easy to use, assemble, fold, and store. Portability is so high that it can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Folds in 2 second, build for 2 seconds.
  • The design is super cool.
  • Faster. It's faster than any other scooter.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • Easy to make it can be taken anywhere. This is one of the products I recommend.

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thanks for your comments. 2 seconds is impressively convenient.
btw congrats @calprut for making it into steemhunt top 15 the other day!

hmmm yes, but it's like a really hard fight LOL
haha still try to find "THE Fcking Best" product so i can be in the #1 LOL (It's impossible)

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Pros and Cons
-Easy to use, with easy folding
-More environmental friendly for urban transport

-Maybe considered as vehicles and subjected to local law

thanks for your comment. subjected to local law ... hmmm

No they dont have problems with laws in many places because of their low power. But of course it doesnt mean it will stay like that.

There are many this kind of ebikes but practically they dont have a serious market. For daily usage there many better options cause being foldable is not even in the top 5 in ebike demands.

Yea there are a ton of ebikes/escooters out there -- there's a new one on steemhunt everyday. They seem to solve the problem of urban commuters who have to walk 10 minutes from the train station ... but it seems they just haven't gained traction (no pun intended), as you say. Being foldable might not be a requested feature directly, but being able to drag it/transport it easily is usually a big selling point. Personally I would rather try an e-skateboard than an e-scooter that I have to worry about lugging around with me.

Indeed. Urban commuters generally dont choose to carry even a foldable ebike to pass a 10 minute walk. Its not logical most of the time. There are much better solutions for that problem like renting city bikes for example. If I will carry a vehicle with me I prefer to use it for home to work distance and not for less. For that manner ebikes are very effective. The range and the power even today is enough to achieve long distance commute in the cities. China is the living proof for the electric vehicles concept that actually works sometimes much better than mass transportation.

Electric skateboards became popular by the help of some famous youtubers but they are extremely dangerous for city usage. The ability to control the vehicle on high speeds are very low If we compare it with all kinds of other vehicles (scooter, bikes etc.). The new trend is scooters like Dulatron Ultra. Better control and not bulky. Even city escooter rentings are getting bigger than ebikes as happening in San Francisco.

Maybe you review that kind of a vehicle which may take more attention from steemit community or steemhunt.

By the way, are you happy about using steemhunt? Is it beneficial for your steem journey you think? Cause I plan to review some products too but I found steemhunt too identity seeker for registration so I hesitate.

steemhunt is a great way to earn steem right now as well as increase your rep. (as long as you don't get blacklisted lol) i don't understand what you mean by "steemhunt too identity seeker for registration"?

you can use steemconnect to log in to steemhunt, just like with busy or steemit. just be careful not to do vote-4-vote because steemhunt will blacklist people for doing that.

if you find cool new products, you should definitely post them to steemhunt!

I see. Well steemhunt asked me telephone number and email for registration or anonymous registration with a small fee. I wasnt aware of what steemconnect is, I will check that out, thanks for reminding.

I'm no expert on e-bikes, but in the US I don't see many people using them. If I take the train into NYC and have to take the subway and then walk another 10 minutes, I'm definitely not going to lug this thing around. Cities have to get more creative with their scooter rentals ...
Totally agree that skateboards are dangerous. One of my criticisms of the new e-skateboards is that their promo videos always seem to feature a skateboarding pro instead of a regular person. Skateboarding is dangerous and imo is harder than snowboarding. The new e-skateboards say they are more stable.

Believe me there cant be a safe electric skateboard. I love skating but as a mobile transportation for commute it doesnt work. what works? Here I give two links for You about what is going On in USA. Me myself prefer to ride an ebike but e-scooters are pretty functional also. In NYC there is a good subway system and alternatives and thats why maybe not a good place for new things but tech culture centers Like San Francisco leading on new habbits.

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