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RE: Stigo electric scooter - World's fastest folding electric scooter-bike

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Awesome Hunt @meditateonthat

Pros / Cons


  • Easy and Efficient. It's very easy to use, assemble, fold, and store. Portability is so high that it can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Folds in 2 second, build for 2 seconds.
  • The design is super cool.
  • Faster. It's faster than any other scooter.


  • None.

My Opinion:

  • Easy to make it can be taken anywhere. This is one of the products I recommend.

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thanks for your comments. 2 seconds is impressively convenient.
btw congrats @calprut for making it into steemhunt top 15 the other day!

hmmm yes, but it's like a really hard fight LOL
haha still try to find "THE Fcking Best" product so i can be in the #1 LOL (It's impossible)