My so-called fabulous Steemhunt'ed weekend #1

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On the weekends, I sometimes do stuff with the Non-Top-10 Steemhunts. This weekend:

I had seen one of those grow-your-own-veggies-with-little-fish kits at my local Home Depot but I was skeptical that it would work. Luckily I didn't buy that one and instead spent a lot more money on @elleok's hunt Lyfbox here which looked like the real deal, as far as growing your own vegetables in a hydroponic-aquarium closed-loop ecosystem goes.

First had to get my coffee from the local grocery store.

After finding a spare wall that was big enough, I was busy setting up my Lyfbox on it when I accidentally knocked over my coffee. Luckily none of the coffee spilled on the fish but the paper sleeve fell into the tank. Soaked and useless.

Naturally, no paper sleeve would not do, so I decided I need to make my own. But out of a plastic polymer, not paper that would get wet. Because you know how much I like my 3d.

I put a pause on my hydroponics endeavor so that I could 3d-print my own cup sleeve by using the QClone app that was hunted by @josalarcon here. After many tries of taking pics of the soaked sleeve, I finally got the app to recognize a decent 3d model. Since my 3d printer was upstairs on the same network, I decided to use Octoprint, hunted by @zoltarian here, to send my model directly to the printer without having to go to another computer.

Why? Because I like it like that.

After my plastic sleeve finished printing, it occurred to me that my roommates might try to use my sleeve. So, naturally I decided to mark it as mine but not with some old-fashioned Sharpie, like an amateur. Instead, I wanted a 3d name for my 3d print, so I used the Polaroid 3d pen hunted by @vaderetro here to carefully write out many layers of the phrase

"Told that bitch I'm sorry though"

Oh wait. Wrong phrase. This one:

"Sorry bishes, this sleeve belongs to MoT"

which I then attached to the sleeve. It looked great. Of course I had to share pics of my creation on the internet. I snapped some pics of it but my 3d printer room is full of junk and my pics looked awful with all that junk behind it, so I used the Background Burner app hunted by @memesdaily here to get rid of that cluttered mess in the background and make my sleeve look pro.

See y'all next weekend with the hunts ... unless I'm too busy.
#steemhunt_contribution #steemhunt_contributions


Once I arrived at the personalizing the sleeve part I kinda expected you would end up with a “Have a nice day” mug.


Haha unless you are insinuating something about the cup user.
Oh look someone hunted a ceramic 3-d printer that can print ceramic mugs with or without customized obscenity on the bottom. Sadly it was ranked 131st, no doubt edged out of the top 100 by Office Lens and iphone cables hehehehe

Let’s see if our newest initiative will change things. That said, we have 6 distinct categories and no real demographic dominating yet. I mean product category demographic LOL.

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