Naava Duo - Smart Vertical Organic Dual Garden System

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Naava Duo

Smart Vertical Organic Dual Garden System



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Naava Duo is a smart double vertical garden where we can plant all kinds of seeds and plants with total ease and without having to worry about sunlight or irrigation because naava duo will automatically provide everything our plants need to grow properly.

Naava Duo has a double irrigation system for each compartment or face of the garden, in addition to two led lamps automatically controlled to give the light that our plants need.

One of the things I liked most about this vertical garden is its beautiful and avant-garde design because that makes it also a piece of decoration.



Hunter: @josalarcon2

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I absolutely love vertical, indoor gardens/walls and this product is no exception - it looks great.

As someone who can't keep plants alive very long (sorry), the self-irrigation/maintenance also greatly appeals to me.

The benefits of lots of greenery in the home are well documented, but for me, it's the calming and de-stressing properties which matter every bit as much as air quality. It's always a great idea to surround yourself with beauty - it lifts your spirits.

But has anybody seen a price? Whenever a website has a "contact for quote" button, rather than giving prices, it always makes me nervous. It's likely to be high-end pricing because vertical gardens are never cheap, but I prefer pricing transparency, unless there's a pressing reason they can't release it.

Great hunting @josalarcon2

I totally agree with what you said about pricing transparency. I have no idea whether I have interest because I have no idea of the cost. If it is reasonably affordable it sounds like a great product. I did request a quote, so hope to respond after they reply.


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This kind of technology will help us to grow plants even inside our home or office.It is also good for decoration.It has automatic irrigation system and LED light.It take care of the plants on its own which will save you from extra worry.

It is the kind of indoor garden technology that we need.

Dang! Awesome hunt! We see so much vertical garden solutions, and this is one of the bests!


  • really nice design, no flipflap
  • enough size, not just for two or three plants
  • inbuilt irrigation and lighting


  • these leds doesnt enough for the plants, i think, so need more light

Growing plants is one of the best hobbies in this world. This system would be perfect for gardening even in a home. Plants can make the environment much pretty, anywhere you want o to grow.

It is truly a beauty in the eye and come on who doesn't like to have excess oxygen in his/her home..
If I have this in my home, I could be sure of a much more natural environment inside, so need to go out for fresh air
Nice hunt hunter

excellent hunting, now have small gardens inside the house is very common, but Naava Duo is quite innovative, because of its size and shape, we can grow what we want among vegetables, fruits and vegetables, which will make our health much better, we will consume everything fresh and without pesticides which is great, we do not have to do any work since it is watered and does not need sunlight, I love it and it will give a very great touch to our home.

marvelous hunt, I always like gardening at home and this is awesome option.
nature at home.
beautiful looking.
but stay with natural garden at home little harmful at night.

I really like this idea and think it would be great for things like tomatoes . All year round tomatoes near the kitchen.


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