TETRIX PRIME Dual Control - Robotic construction kit designed for students

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Robotic construction kit designed for students


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¨TETRIX PRIME¨ ¨Dual Control Robotics Set¨ It is a kit of elements designed for robotic construction. The set will allow students to learn how to build a remote controlled autonomous robot.

Source: https://www.pitsco.com/AR/Shop/Robotics/TETRIX-PRIME-Dual-Control-Robotics-Set
The student will receive a kit of products with everything necessary to build a robot. Among this will receive a driver "TETRIX PULSE" another remote controller, several hundred pieces, wheels, batteries and tools suitable for the assembly.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq3QIc4i8cYI12WLXBj8Bkw?pbjreload=10

Assembling the robot students will learn various construction methods, technology design, engineering design, conflict resolution, technology, coding, working together. Etc. all this for a little more than $ 600 dollars.




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Good for Electrical engineering students. This is amazing to watch. I am sure my fellows in Electrical department will love this project. Thanks for sharing it @jlufer

@ arslan786 hello dear friend. thank you very much for appreciating my search you are very kind. No doubt you will love this kit to your friends.
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