2019 Lunar Rocket 1800 - Check Out the New Lunar Rocket 1800!!! An Awesome Scooter!!

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2019 Lunar Rocket 1800

Check Out the New Lunar Rocket 1800!!! An Awesome Scooter!!


2019 Lunar Rocket™ 1800 (Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter).jpg

Hunter's comment

Check Out the New 2019 Lunar Rocket 1800!!!. They are calling this Scooter this the Fastest Standing and sitting Electric Scooter on the Planet today. This Beauty can reach speeds up to 35-40 miles per hour and can travel around 30 miles on a single charge. Amazing. This scooter has 3 times the torque of other electric scooters with an amazing 1800 Watt brush-less 48v Powerful Electric Motor. This beast can carry a 200-pound rider up any hill as easy as 1-2-3. It comes with (2) 14″ Beastly Knobby Tires to handle just about any terrain. With a Massive dual suspension system as well. This scooter is fabricated with Aluminum keeping it lighter and it folds up nice and neat.

And it has an Economy/Turbo mode button with the simple push of a button you can cut the power to the battery in about half to save energy to keep going more distance.

Awesome Electric Scooter. Check it out Today!!




Hunter: @jeronimorubio


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Hi @jeronimorubio, could you please take the (TM) out of the Product Title of this hunt? It unfortunately messes with the Search functionality of Steemhunt.

Please make the change using the Steemhunt Edit function.



All fixed. Thank you.


I fixed the tm problem, my friend. All ready to go now. Have an amazing day.


elegandt design, fast, power scooter, lighter and sexy+

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Lunar Rocket 1800 just works like a rocket.It has a great torque which helps bike to climb any hill with capability of taking 200 lb guy. Amazing performance and cool design. Great hunt