Traveloka Book Flight & Hotel - An app for an affordable hotel booking and flight tickets

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Traveloka Book Flight & Hotel

An app for an affordable hotel booking and flight tickets



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People around the globe loves going to another places but airplane tickets are expensive. With regards to the hotel they will stay, travelers who are new to a place will ask people which hotel is nearby considering their price too. This major problem is all answered by the free travel app, Traveloka Book Flight and Hotel.

Cheap hotel booking and flights

Traveloka is a travel app that offers a cheap hotel booking and cheap flights. With its current features, many people are using it to avail cheap flight tickets and low price hotels. It’s easy to use and booking is real quick. Just enter your destination and city and Traveloka will show the hotels in that area or nearby.

Several payment methods

With regards to its payment system, it offers several payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers. If you do not have a credit card, you can pay via 7-eleven and other Pawnshops. After paying the required amount to your flight ticket or hotel, you will receive e-tickets or digital hotel coupon in your inbox. No need of printing anything. All you have to do is show your e-ticket app when checking in. Traveloka has no hidden charges. The price that is shown in the app includes all the subcharges so the price that is shown is the price that you will have to pay, nothing more.

Several promos and discounts

To let you save more, Traveloka offers several promos; flight tickets and hotel discounts. Promos are enlisted there and in there you will be given a promo code that you will use in the app payment page to get a bonus discount.


The following are the features or beneficiaries of Traveloka that makes travelling easy.

  • easy to use
  • available in several languages
  • offers promos or flight tickets and hotel discounts
  • no need to print your tickets, e-tickets are used
  • no hidden charges, price shown is the price you’ll pay
  • provides secured and several payment methods
  • over 100,000 flight routes and hotels all over the world

To download the app, click here



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  • currently, this app is on my priority list for regular booking of hotels and flights because I have a lot of payment options to choose from.
  • What I like the most about this app is that they send instant receipts to my email address. That keeps me in comfort without any worries of losing money
  • It has made my travelling easier with quick hotel booking, easy to use interface and comparatively less prices


  • no cons as of now

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Traveloka is legit but there are also some issues ..

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