Qwant - The search engine that respects your privacy

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The search engine that respects your privacy



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Hunter's comment

Qwant is an European search engine with as keyword : privacy and neutrality

Qwant puts privacy first to better push all the Web forward - Source

The team behind Qwant, based in Europe, wants a search engine that delivers the best results without try to guess who you are and what you are doing.

Qwant doesn't record your searches and doesn't use cookies in order to display advertising.

Our sorting algorithms are applied equally everywhere and for every user, without trying to put websites forward or to hide others based on commercial, political or moral interests. - Source

Some facts

  • 2.6 billion Requests in 2016
  • 100% Respectful of your Privacy
  • 26 Interface languages
  • and the best : 0 Targeted ad
  • available on Android & Ios

Very good search engine to avoid one company that controls 77% of all searches.




Hunter: @heroldius


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But your internet service provider knows who you are and what you've been doing and the host of the site you've visited.

We need a lot more of this going forward. Privacy is something that people think should diminish. The truth is technology exists to give us MORE, not less, privacy. We just cant get our hands on it.


Exactly the keywords of Qwant : privacy and neutrality.

Its reallly aweosme and so nice.This search engine so helpfull..for our privacy that's why I like so much.So good hunt Sir. I love it.Thank.you so.much for sharing.keep it up..


Thanks... We want to go on the net without being spied on our every clic, Qwant is perfect for that

I think it's great for users who desire for data protection and more privacy. The design of this browser is also new but i observe that they tries to pack a lot of search results onto one page, which can be a bit overwhelming but overall a very unique and fast browser. Nice Hunt.

Never tried it, but I will try, it seems to attract its offer of privacy security.
great hunt @heroldius


Thanks... worth the try

Looks good, but there are already similar "privacy" search engines/browsers available.

For me, what these "Google competitors" are missing, or not prioritsing enough is voice search. Google's traditional search model is already in decline, due to the rise of voice searching on mobile devices, and it's here that rivals should be targeting Google.

Yes, make the browsing experience safe and to protect your data, but make a really good experience in voice search (again, without recording your personal data), and I think they stand a real chance of hurting Google's domination.


Good analysis, I like your point of view on voice search in order to hurt Google's domination (competition is always good not monopoly). Qwant is available for some time already (mainly in France and Europe) and I use it for a few years, pleased with the results...


Thanks. I use Brave on my laptop and have been happy with it so far (where I do most of my web-time, because I'm a creator who works a lot in Photoshop & Premier Pro. I also use presearch, which is another search engine (crypto-related) which is going after Google. Again, I think they should be focusing on voice - there's way more upside to gaining market share if somebody can become THE voice search engine.


:-) I use both. Most of the time I use Brave as browser (very good system, rewarding the websites you visited) and also Presearch, I love the concept behind this project.

Good application, for those people who want to maintain privacy in their searches and without advertising that can become excessive at times.


Very good search engine with very relevant results, worth a try !

Competition is always good for development. Alternatives of Google etc. is good for the platform and the best feature is privacy for Qwant. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.


Thanks. Totally agree with you, competition is good for innovation and for the users (more choice, better products...).

I hard to believe that you are secure. But if someone claim that The search engine that respects your privacy. Then at-least I will must try it. Cool hunt. Keep it up!


Worth the try... The results are pretty relevant

Captivating hunt @heroldius. Internet is dominated by centralized search engines that uncovers our identity. Our information is being compromised. With this, this will increase the level of security of ourselves.


Especially to be able to navigate without being watched at every click by a multinational

Great hunt @heroldius

Qwant is a great search engine. I have been using Qwant for a few months. I started to use it because it gives importance to privacy. It's also a very successful search engine in search results.


Totally agree with you

I am stand with Google. Indeed Google is matchless. Their features are unbeatable. But I will give them a margin due to this great FEATURE:
0 Targeted ad
Great hunt, waiting for more amazing hunts from your side. Happy hunting

Always used Google Chrome, because it was the best browser, but lately with all that the mesh that tracking everything you do, its kind of annoying.
I don't now how true can be that, bug i will try it for sure!!!
Awesome Hunt!!!!

I never tried this search engine... That is the main reason that I do not visit some unsecured websites using my personal computer.. I am afraid that someone could get my profile and details.. That is why I am using different device why visiting to unfamiliar websites.. GREAT HUNT

This is certainly one I'll try! I do hope they do what they say though. In the end, it is difficult to really track what they do, or not do with the information they are getting.

Zero targeted ad sounds great. As long as it delivers decent search results, I will use it.

and the best : 0 Targeted ad

Indeed, that is the best! Because right now, browsers are blocking spaces with unnecessary ads instead of you having to read through an article continously.

Internet needs new search engines, I am sick of Google, Yandex and the others. All of them just think themselves. It is worth to try Qwant. Thanks for sharing.

Te market for search engines is so centralized right now with Google, that every little competition is welcome. This guys seems to be concentrated around privacy. Nice one.

Qwant is simple search engine. I like it. It is better than yahoo. It save our privacy.

I will use it for my next search engine.

Thanks for your hunt

This is a really necessary item. When you search for something on the Internet, you get related ads on Facebook. We really need a privacy for our search. Thank you for sharing.

This search engine is expected to be loved because it protects users privacy. Thanks for sharing great product.

@heroldius, great hunt and never tired of more search engine and to know that this one keeps your privacy. Cool hunt and useful.

Excellent search engine, especially if you want privacy while searching. I will try this one... Thanks for sharing! Great hunt!

Hii @heroldius. really Great Search Engine You Hunt.


There is no doubt that this search engine respects our privacy. ist time i hear about it from your hunt. and now after downloading and experienced about Qwant is awesome with lot of features. In short I define that it delivers the best results.
Thanks a lot for your sharing and stay in Keep Hunting.

Even in the past a lot of search engines of this kind have been developed but unfortunately almost all failed. The concept is great and i do know as well one search engine that runs on the blockchain and reward the users with tokens. But for sure this is a search engine i will keep an eye on!

impressive site and more for people who are interested in decentralization because this way we not only prevent our cookies from being saved, but we also provide better security when navigating from this great hunt

It’s seems like most internet services want to extract as much information about users so that they can sell the data for a profit. A search engine that respects privacy is definitely necessary in today’s world.

Nice hunt @heroldius!

I have great doubts about our stored datas on internet, I don't think these search engines are honest about it, but I see that Qwant doesn't use cookies. Great improvement.

After Mark Zuckerberk situation, we cannot trust easily that our privacy's safety. Also i like ad part. Because i'm really bored from ads.

Good Evening @heroldius

here is my review about Qwant


  • An European search engine that ensures the user's privacy
  • It works on the principle ; delivers the best results without try to guess who you are and what you are doing
  • It does not record one's searches
  • It ensures to apply sorting algorithms equally everywhere and for every user without any political or religious influence
  • It is workable with 26 Interface languages
  • It is available on Android & Ios


  • None for it

Overall it is an amazing hunt :)

When I first watched the movie Enemy Of The State, I was shocked to know the hidden facts how our privacy is breached everyday. Then after choosing a career in IT, I got introduced to another bitter reality that search engines sell our private info. Now, I came to know that no smart phone is secure and our privacy can be violated anytime by the giants in or authorities in this field. Finally, I have digested this word privacy and has started living a No Private Life. :) The claims made by Qwant Search engine seems promising and if it's true, it would be a big relief but as there are no guarantees, so you never know what happens to your private data. Thanks anyway @heroldius for sharing this hunt.

Though I really like Google for its great quality services around its cool products. However, whenever I come to know how our private data is sold and companies like Google and Bing are making hefty profit out of it and selling it to ads giants based on our unique behaviors, I get frustrated. This reminds me of the great book Permission Marketing by Seth Godin who criticized on current marketing tradition in IT industry in particular. Qwant has come up with something that is missing in any other search engine and this is good point. The number of user requests is huge. I hope they never compromise on their unique selling point. Good luck. Nice hunt @heroldius.

Most lovable Qwant

This is a very nice application, this application says to keep the information safe and confidential for those people, a good application, your good work

Awesome hunt! best of luck

What i love about this search engine is the 100% privacy. Am really in love with it.

Best part is 0 targeted ad and respecting privacy and this is the idea of new generations, so it will gain more and more popularity down the line.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Qwant seems to be a great search engine if you want to keep your privacy. Great hunt.

Well .. Another search engine here .. This will help more in the education field you get to find the answers to all you request via this I guess .. It so cool then

Privacy is a cause of concern in this digital world but Qwant is an exception. It's really great development of such quality search engine to eespect privacy and security.
Good Hunt!

Cool hunt.

Yes in before I hear about. I try this. Thanks for sharing.

so what happens to the data I leave behind when I search?


You have a good article of the newspaper The Guardian about what Google knows about you

Nice i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful hunt and East and West you this is the best

With this, I can finally now take a risk with regards of my privacy with t he search engines I used. This is really an amazing hunt @heroldius. Sharing this to friends!


Thanks, Qwant worth the try

I am always worried about our internet datas. I don't think engine motors respect our privacy, Maybe Qwant doesn't respect, either, but at least it doesn't record our searches and doesn't use cookies. Perfect hunt.

This is the 1st time I've heard of this search engine. I'm excited though. I just wonder if it works in China, because Google is a nightmare here..

Good stuff everyone hates Google


I didn't want to name it :-)

Hello @heroldius,this post on privacy search engine is what I was looking for today we need safety for our searches internet and I have heard a few story's about being recorded by authorities.Good to know about Qwant.

Privacy should be respected in all we are doing online. This search engine is so cool to have on device if it will really work this way. Thanks for this great hunt. I will check this our because I need it

Cool find. Thanks for sharing.

I am all for this, nowadays privacy is so important. Would definitely look into this. Thanks!

Thanks for the info, I have heard about it before, to see it again makes me curious


Yeah you have to try it. Excellent search engine


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@heroldius I think it is going to be our next search engine platform. What do you think guys?


It's my search engine for some months now, works great