Free Survey Maker - A simple and powerful free survey maker

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Free Survey Maker

A simple and powerful free survey maker



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Survey forms are used for specific purpose. They are used for questionaires and some airdrop use survey questions to give people airdrop.

Free survey maker is a simple and yet powerful survey maker. You can use this simple survey maker as a teacher, employer, or if you are giving out free token. The survey maker is easy to use with guided suggestions for your to know what to ask and where.

You can add as many questions as you like and set the kind of responses you want for each question.

Survey maker as many columns. Just click add question to expand the columns.

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Hunter: @gracelyn-joseph

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It's a system that makes it easy to do the tedious job of surveying. It works for free and saves you time. A good survey maker. Interesting hunt. Thank you.

It is a great way to make surveys by Free Survey Maker, and it is good that it is easy use and also it has guided suggestions for the users. Thanks for sharing.

I was looking for a simple and easy survey maker for a long time for my thesis questionnaire, with this hunt you helped me a lot. Thanks!


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