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RE: kawamboo - Coffee Press made in Bamboo. 100% Eco-Friendly

in #steemhunt5 years ago

I like this product very much because besides having a very nice design it makes use of an ecological material that possesses non-polluting properties. However I am a little concerned about the possible combination of bamboo and water at high temperatures because that would undoubtedly degrade the bamboo more quickly and nobody wants to buy a gadget with expiration date or limitations on use.


Hi @giovaabbatichio
I understand your concern about the deterioration of bamboo, but actually the design of kawambooo.
The water in high temperature is poured into the glass container making it easier to wash and prevent contact with the bamboo thus lengthening its useful life :)

Ups! Sorry, you are absolutely right I do not know why I forgot the glass container that serves as a protective layer of bamboo, in that case, I like this gadget even more. Excellent find.

Do not worry, we are human beings, things always escape us from view :)
And thanks

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